Can animals get into Heaven?


Can animals get into Heaven?


Hi Lisa and welcome to this forum. You will find lots of people here and most are caring and responsive. To your question, my answer would be why not. You will here from us who had dogs who were full of love and there was no in between. We loved them they loved and watched over us. I would like to believe that God would reunite us with them… God bless you .


Personally I believe Heaven is perfect so animals will be there but like Father Mike says in his video do we NEED them to be there, NO! We will be in the presence of Our Creator and Lord so we won’t need our pets or animals to be there. Nothing else but being in God’s presence will matter. Nothing else comes before God.


Not in my heaven. I sure hope not.

Animals do not have immortal souls.


I don’t believe so.


I think it’s possible certain animals are in Heaven but only if they are already there.

But do I believe that animals here on earth are resurrected and welcomed into Heaven? No. They do not have eternal souls and it doesn’t really line up with what Jesus said about finding the way to Heaven.


Probably not cats.


Animals don’t have immortal souls. They are different from us and do not exist without a body.

When the New Heavens and Earth are created, it’s very likely that they will exist again.


Obviously, a cocker spaniel can’t “be” in heaven in the same way we can. They can’t experience the beatific vision. That said, it’s possible an animal could exist as a created thing in heaven, like a tree or a rock. When the earth itself is redeemed, it’s possible our pets will return as perfected versions of themselves.

Just speculating, obviously.


Aw that’s not nice. Wink wink. They can be very sweet and kind.






Lisa, since you’re new to the forum you probably don’t know that this question tends to result in arguments and contention when it’s been posted to the forum in the past.
Some Catholics believe animals do go to Heaven, or to some type of Heaven (not necessarily same as the human one), other Catholics don’t.
Some Popes in recent years have suggested they do, other Popes have suggested they don’t.
I would suggest that you draw your own conclusions, and also remember that human knowledge of what goes on in Heaven is very limited, so no one has good knowledge of exactly how God handles things.
It is best that we just trust in a loving God to sort things out for the animals that He created.

We can say with certainty that animals do not sin, so they definitely don’t go to Hell.


C.S: Lewis also looks at the topic and says that of their own accord animals don’t go to heaven but that animals can come into heaven because of their owner’s relationship with God.




I seem to remember Isaac of Nineveh writing something about animals going to heaven, but it’s been a long time since I’ve read him. It may be worth following up.


Just to clarify. Your cat is actually taking you for a walk :cat::sweat_smile:


If God wills it , of course they can .




I think it would be a silent, sterile place without animals. Think of summer without bird song. And I don’t think Heaven would be “heaven” to me without my fur babies. They were my loving family.

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