Can another person be a distraction deployed by the Devil?

I am currently in the process of serious discernment for what my vocation is in my life. I am a 23 year old male, and see both the priesthood and married life as vocations that would provide me fulfillment. I have spoken to the vocations director for my diocese, and have been praying about starting the application process for seminary.

At the same time, I have reconnected with a best friend who is a Catholic female. She does not live the pious Catholic life, but I see so much good in her. We have both been open that we have an attraction to each other, but from our conversations, I think she would like to act on this attraction in a immoral way.

I hope the following question does not offend, but am I being distracted by the devil through this girl? I know that if we were to get together, there would have to be ground rules to make, and to use our actions more strongly than our words.

Truly, I am confused. I could see myself with this girl, but at what price? The possibility of me losing my soul to gain her heart? If I go to seminary, I will never know if her and I would have worked out. However, by becoming a priest, I will know my love for her will be fulfilled through the sacraments.

Pray for me, my brothers and sisters of Christ. Any advice would be a blessing.

She may very well be the distraction you described. Pray for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to know God’s will. Pray to be led to truth by the Holy Spirit. Ask God’s hand on you everyday to guide you.
I sure will pray for you.
Peace in Christ

This one line is troubling to me.

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For a young man to be distracted by a young woman is simply nature. Don’t give Satan credit.

Having read a little, sometimes it seems that people may be offered two crowns, one of gold and one of thorns. Which would you prefer?

She might be a distraction. Quite possibly. But you also have a choice to make about vocations and whatever vocation you choose, you will have the grace to fulfill that.

On the surface, it seems like there could be a lot to work out with this girl so perhaps the wise thing to do is not bother pursuing it and try out the seminary for a year. If it doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost anything and you may very well meet a more pious and like-minded young woman down the line.

This isn’t the most useful question to ask. Instead, ask, “Given this situation, what is the right thing for me to do?” None of us can tell you whether you should pursue a relationship with this girl or not, but you should settle firmly in your own mind what would be moral or immoral courses of action, and then you should proceed to weigh possible benefits and detriments for each moral choice. And pray, of course.

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If you were to decide to pursue her and the whole relation falls apart, do you think would you be inclined to pursue the vocation of marriage?

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