Can any of you suggest some good Catholic music albums to buy?

Hi everyone. Could any of you suggest some good Catholic music albums to buy? Thanks!

What style of music do you like? I have collected a set going from chant to metal (yes, there are Catholic metal bands) to use in CCE class and can suggest some. There is something for almost every musical taste.

The Priests is a great album. It is 3 priests from Northern Ireland who are awesome.

I really like Danielle Rose. Her music is sometimes soft, sometimes upbeat, usually catchy. She has a CD that contains a song for every mystery of the of the rosary, if you’re looking for something to help you pray. It’s uplifting and refreshing. Another (a personal fave) is called ‘Defining Beauty’ and is just phenomenal. It came out several years ago but I just replayed some of the songs on that album and I still think they’re great.

Head on over to Amazon to check her out and see if it’s your taste. []](]) You can preview her songs. Try ‘Give and Take’, ‘Shelter Your Name’, or ‘Hail, Holy Queen.’

Good luck!

Well, that does really depend on what you are looking for.

As far as Sacred Music (Chant, sacred polyphony, etc.) you don’t get much better than Palestrina or Josquin Desprez. On a more modern side, Arvo Part makes some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

Praise and Worship: Matt Maher. The only Catholic name really worth mentioning in praise and worship music. He gets theory and he knows how to write good lyircs.

Outside of those sort of things, it’ll be a bit tougher. The internet will be your best friend in this regard.

Pax et bonum,

I don’t know many artists, but I HAVE to second jantoniello on Matt Maher. His music is beautiful. Being a revert, and a young one just barely out of high school, I need to admit that Christian “rock” was never ever my taste and I really hated it. Even after my reversion it took me a long time to get used to it. But I really took to Maher. For his genre of music, it’s done really really well!

If we are talking contemporary/rock, a good place to start is to listen to a sampling of different artists. Their are two great podcasts you can listen to (free) Catholic Rockers and Catholic Music Express. I first heard Matt Maher, Critical Mass and The Apologist on CR.

i agree with Danielle Rose’s Mysteries for great Catholic music that is Scripturally based but modern.
Andrea Bocelli’s Sacred Arias is fantastic Catholic music as well.

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot is not Catholic, but great Christian music to listen to.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


catholic latin classics Iove it

Check out Josh Blakesley (sp?) as well. His music is the same style as Matt Maher. He’s just not as well-known just yet.

I can suggest Tatiana’s “I Thirst” and “The Story of Emmanuel”. They are very beautiful and faith filled. I have both of them and enjoy them very much.

God bless.

I can recommend SaintSong by Sarah Hart … features writings of saints set to contemporary music. (Including an arrangement of Anima Christi!)

Maybe I am a bit dated, but I like anything by John Micheal Talbot.

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I am going to bump up this old thread because I need more ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is the one Catholic music artist I have found that I seem to really like. But then again, he is like the only one that I have ever really heard music from. I didn’t know the names of any other Catholic music artists and that is why I came to this thread. That said, I am just wondering which of his albums is considered the best. I have been considering purchasing an album of his on CD for some time now but I am having a really hard time deciding. The 30 second clips that you can listen to in Itunes and such really don’t give me much of a clue as to whether or not I’d like all of the songs on a particular album or not.

That said, I love the sound of Gregorian Chant but unfortunately I don’t understand Latin (or whichever language it is chanted in) so I don’t get much out of it. Are there any chant type of songs out there in English?

I like Paula Sentovich. She has a beautiful voice and chooses beautiful songs. Here’s a link to her website and CD, and there are samples of her songs so you can see if you like before you buy:

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