Can any one tell me what a "Courage" service is?

I see there is one at my church tonight and I have no idea what it is! Thanks in advance!

Maybe something related to the Courage apostolate?

Have you tried asking a member of Courage directly? You’re likely to get a better answer, don’t you think?

It must be a meeting of the group Courage, which is for Catholic men and women with same-sex attraction who want to live Church teaching.

Few Catholic churches have Courage groups, so it is wonderful that your church does.

If it sounds as if it may be a meeting of the Courage apostolate, you may not want to ask someone who is going. Many members want to remain anonymous. If you want to know for sure, ask your pastor or call the office at your parish.

Thanks very much, All. I had never heard of the Courage apostolate before. Much appreciated.

I know at my parish Courage is the program we sponsor for single mothers and mothers with disabled children. They all get together weekly, pray for eachother, trade hand-me-downs, and participate in activities with their kids.

To be a bit more precise, Courage welcomes persons of any faith who are trying to live in accordance with the Church’s teaching about morality.

It’s very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, and uses much 12-Step methodology.

Potential members are interviewed privately by the group leader (usually a priest or deacon) before being admitted to the group.

Obviously confidentiality is of highest importance. Courage meeting places / times are usually not published, just a phone number for a parish or office who contacts the group leader to get back with the interested person. We have a hot line here in the archdiocese that gets a message to me to call the person back.

EnCourage is a similar program to Al-Anon, which provide support to relatives and friends of persons struggling with same sex attraction.

Most dioceses that have a local chapter of Courage will also have one for EnCourage.

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