Can anybody suggest some "midieval" sounding Catholic music?

I am a fan of the Benedictine Monks, but the lack of music in their songs leaves me feeling empty.

I came across a group called Gregorian and thought “Wow that sounds amazing!” but only shortly after that I found out they are actually a satanic group. :frowning:

Are there any groups out there that combine the beautiful chants of the Benedictine Monks with traditional medieval music?

How about Hildegard Von Bingen

There’s an album I bought off of ITunes I particularly like:

Hildegard Von Bingen: Heavenly Revelations:
Jeremy Summerly & Oxford Camerata

It has:
Alleluia - O Virga mediatrix, Kyrie, O Euchari, Ave generosa; O Virga ac diadema…

Very beautiful.

Ensemble Organum is also on iTunes (however, not all of their albums).

A taste:

Knights templar

Well, the thing about medieval music which distinguishes it from other music is the fact that there weren’t any harmonies, counterpoint, etc. So it has a sort of “boring” quality, but it is very beautiful. The suggestions of the other posters are good.

I second the recommendation for Ensemble Organum (even though they don’t include instruments in 90% of their albums - except for the organ), and will add one for the Hilliard Ensemble, Gothic Voices, and Ensemble Gilles Binchois. You may be looking for a group like Hesperion XXI or the New London Consort. Perhaps Troubadour music, too (though the subject matter will be secular)?


what I listen to a lot lately is called Catholic Latin Classics …by Richard Proulx and the Cathedral Singers …you can find on itunes

here is a link to a couple of their songs…

I disagree, there are some interesting rythms and harmonies found in medieval music. Despite what some music teachers blabber… I’d even go so far as to say medieval European music is much more advanced than most modern secular music. You just have to dig around.

To the OP, In addition to the aforementioned…
Et in terra pax - Geistliche Musik d. Mittelalters
Camino de Santiago
Joculatores Upsalienses
Neidhart von Reuental
(Warning, some secular and non-Christian songs)

Chant of the Templars! :smiley:

And Ambrosian chant!

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but these are two of my favorites in terms of Catholic and medieval.

(the link is to Amazon, where you can listen to a sample mp3)

(this one is Christmassy)

Note: the musicians are not all Catholic but since the pieces are from before the Protestant reformation so the music IS Catholic.

I have to admit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir does the best Messiah choruses, especially their Hallelujah chorus.

I have always loved medieval Benedictine Gregorian chant, whether its monks or nuns singing.

The Ave Maria, whether it’s done in Gregorian Chant or by an opera singer like the late
Luciano Pavarotti, is very beautiful.

Also do a search on Gregorian Chant Easter in Silos Benedictine Monks de Silos. They
have organ music with the medieval gregorian chant of the monks. It’s beautiful.

This may not qualify as exactly “medieval,” but Russian chant is also quite impressive. The Orthodox Singers are also on iTunes.

There is also : harry christopher- the sixteen “miserere”

One of my favorites!

La Quette du Graal by La Nef. Sublime.

Do you mean gregorian chant?

Just look up the genre…it’s out there. Good music stores and definitely christian music stores. Check out Youtube also.

I recommend this channel:


I’ve never been to europe, and I’m not sure what “medieval” sounds like, how about Mozart’s Requiem, Domine Jesu. It sounds Vatican-ly medieval to me, I can almost see the medieval Pope when hearing this song.

9.Mozart’s Requiem: IV. Offertorium: Domine Jesu (lyrics+translation)

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