Can anyone double check my analysis here?

Here’s a question, can a Catholic tolerate other people using contraception?

I think so, if the principle of double effect is used:
(1) there might be a proportionate reason (perhaps trying to move effectually against the use of contraceptives might make most people even more anti-religious). (2) the act itself doesn’t seem to be intrinsically immoral since toleration of any wrong is not intrinsically wrong. (3) the good to be gained is not directly derived from the evil; contraceptives don’t directly aid religion in its PR battles.

Any errors here?

I am not sure about point 2. Are you sure that toleration of any wrong cannot be ‘intrinsically evil’? Possibly, but perhaps you can explain the conclusion more.

It depends what you mean by “tolerate” a Catholic certainly cannot approve of the action, but a person in authority (e.g. a Catholic senator or king) may certainly decide to remove any legal penalty from such action.

Trying to enforce certain laws could bring about greater societal evils than that which you are trying to redress. I think, for instance, that in our current circumstances, a prudent Catholic would never advocate criminalizing all contraceptives.

I reason thus: God tolerates blasphemies, satan worship, the existence and actions of the demonic, etc. Since these are the worst things and evil in themselves, then it seems that any evil intrinsic or extrinsic is much more tolerable.

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