Can anyone enlighten me re: Michael Brown


I sometimes go to his spirit daily website and some of the stories posted there are very interesting to say the least.

Any opinions?



his site is in my signature. :smiley: I like it as he is very loyal to Rome, as far as I can see. He is definitely no liberal; I would class him as a traditionalist in the good sense of the word. I read it most days.

He is an American journalist (he calls himself an evangelistic journalist) who is interested in prophecy around the world from a Catholic perspective. He has written several books on end time prophecies, while maintaining a healthy caution until the Church decides on authenticity. He simply reports things and leaves it to our discernment, while offering guidance.

Some have criticized him on his loyalty to Medjugorje, saying that he is not honest in reporting the Vatican stance, but I don’t know much about this. Also, some of his stories seem a bit trivial, for example those which speak of images of Jesus and Mary found on trees and such. He seems to see possiblities which I would not look twice at, but that is me. I noticed the other day he gave deliverance prayers to bind satan directly (which we are not to do) and I emailed him about that. I have noticed similar prayers in the past. He is quite responsive to emails.

In all, I like his zeal for prophecy and I think he gives a good service to those who seek it (which we are told to do). He may fire the imaginations of right wing zealots like me :wink: but he is a good man who seeks the truth. :slight_smile:


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Want to know more about him–read his books! They are excellent. I have most of them. And SpiritDaily is my homepage. :wink: I’ve met some wonderful people by following links on his page, and learned some amazing things. But just like anything, you must discern, with the help of the Holy Spirit (as Michael so often reminds us) what is from God and what is applicable to our individual lives. So basically, I highly recommend frequent perusals of his site, and almost every book I’ve bought through his bookstore has been excellent as well.


I didn’t too deep into the website, but it strikes me as being full of superstition and commercialism. Very tacky…


Every day I turn to to get updates on the news sometimes he is more faster to relay info. than main stream media. I don’t see anything superstious about it.


Kind of a Christian version of Matt Drudge’s Web site.

Very extensive set of links.


The Hurricane link: stories therein- some of it smacks of seeing Mary in a piece of burnt toast… at the end it makes the connection between storm-torn areas and Katrina and other hurricanes due to their evil ways… unorthodox nonsense.

There’s the piece in the link to the Medjugorje fire pictures, about consecrating the United States, and how the RNC being in St Paul says something about connecting back to THE Saint Paul… a bunch of hokem (but typical of anything connected to Medjugorje)

And of course-- in the grand tradition of the Medugorje Machine-- tons of opportunities to make some coin (saint bracelets “at wholesale prices”)

Some of the links are fine. I think if you are relying on this site to give you any semblence of news or Catholic catechesis, you’d do better to power down your computer and open up the CCC.

Well, you asked…


I was thinking more like Art Bell…:slight_smile:


Michael Brown is a, very clever, journalist by profession and a revert to the faith. However, in no way is he faithful to the magisterium (the teaching authority of the Church). Throughout the years he has continuously promoted “medjugorje” as a true apparition and leads “pilgrimages” $$$ there all the time.

This is in direct disobedience to the Bishops of Mostar who have requested no “pilgrimages” and who have clearly stated this apparition is “not approved”. In these issues, Michael Brown places his opinions and teachings above those of the rightful authority in the Church, the bishops.Despite the fact that he proclaims allegiance to Rome, his attitude and his site shows that he has no such allegiance.

His site is full of sensational stories many of which are distorted and twisted and he has many links to protestant sites in addition to medjugorje. His ‘books’ are of hodgepodge discussion of all sorts of ‘apparitions’, seers and so forth and much protestant thought and breathy hyped-up attitudes and emotions and continued sensational indications that we are in the “end times”.

I personally feel he has caused much damage by leading people astray, through clever writing, on many issues and encouraging emotional and sometimes hysterical attitudes in those who follow his site, religiously. (no pun intended).


My mother reads his website every day and I get to read a lot of the articles. I have mixed feelings and all I can say is use discernment.
He does touch on spiritual topics especially on spiritual warfare I never see addressed anywhere else. There is a lot of valuable information, but some of it can seem like a Catholic version of the “National Inquirer”.

While the site seems well intentioned and this guy sure knows his stuff (I’ve read some of his books), its the overall tone of the site that comes off as gossipy, paranoid, good guys vs. bad guys. I’m also suspicious of anything that resembles a conspiracy theory even though there is some truth to many of them. There is a lot of evil in the world, but there always was, nowadays communications are so great that one can in an instant collect all the legitimate outrages in the world from all the news sourced combine them in a site selectively to support one’s point of view.
Also if there is a natural disaster its not good to put words in God’s mouth regarding natural disasters, even if they seem coincidental. There is sin and dirty secrets in every town, and There are disasters in both red states and blue states. New Orleans may have voodoo and mardi gras but Katrina also hit the heart of the bible belt.

He also comments on the paranormal from a Catholic perspective. This can be good as long as it’s not sensationalized and one doesn’t become fascinated with spiritual warfare for its own sake. It can get very tempting. Michael Brown himself would probably say the same thing himself.

I recommend this site for a well a well grounded Catholic who has an open mind, but doesn’t blindly believe everything they hear. If you get depressed or scare easily than use discression, or go out and enjoy a nice sunset.


You are not being completely truthful. Only pilgrimages sponsored by a parish or diocese are not allowed. Any private group can organize a pilgrimage there.

And, before you ask, I have no opinion on whether or not the alleged apparitions there are valid or not and I have never made a pilgrimage there.


I remember him mentioning in articles about ancestral spirits, territorial spirits, spiritual mapping, demons which can affect a region or ethnic groups. I rarely hear this stuff discussed outside the Charismatic movement both Catholic and Pentecostal. I’m open to any grains of truth that may be in all this stuff, but wonder which is grounded in infallible dogma and which is just theological speculation. I’f feel more comfortable with authors like him if the difference was better distinguished.


Yes, any group, including travel agencies, may organize pilgrimages to anywhere they want. However by encouraging pilgrimages to medjugorje, michael brown, is showing complete disregard for the bishops of mostar, showing that he refuses to accept the judgment of the rightful authorities in this matter and therefore shows his disobedience.


Don’t forget he is not a priest or theologian. The only problem is the way he approaches the apparitions as if they are just facts. Not to mention his tabloid-ish tone.
To a not heavily chatechized lay Catholic who comes across this site it can be confusing. He needs to be more clear of what is infallible doctrine, what is an approved apparition, what is theological speculation, what is just his opinion. He makes it all a blur. There is some valuable grains of truth in what he has to say but the way he delivers it is sensationalistic. My Mother has almost all his books so I am quite familiar with his style.

Trust me I am pretty open-minded and I love signs-and-wonders, but some people can develop an addiction to them- I’m serious, as well as scandal, gossip, prophesies, predictions, chastisements, dates of chastisements (borderlining on numerology), anger, conspiracy theories, morbidity, the paranormal, and paranoia. Then anyone who tries to be cautious or a voice of reason is hard of heart, a liberal who can’t accept the truth. And some of the same people who are hostile and paranoid of new age and occult can borderline on the same state of mind themselves.

Some people get so worried about coming chastisements and preparing for them (I used to be scared of them when I was a kid 20 yrs ago and half of them never happened.) Some will say the world is sinful or marally lax and needs to fear just anger from God. But even if it brings people to better behavior the sensationalism causes the Church to look phonatical and lose credibility. He just needs to be more careful I think.


I've been reading Spirit Daily for a few years, and the site mostly confuses me.

He's written a whole book on an unapproved prophecy that was given to an anonymous source (I suspect he might be the source). That bothers me because there is no mention of it ever being submitted to any Church authority. It's very clear to me that he believes every word of it...why else would he write a whole book about it?

Another thing that bothers me about him is his seeming disdain for scientific advances, the human intellect (which always makes me ask, why did God give us a brain if we're not allowed to use it?!?) and the modern world in general. There is good and evil in both, and he seems to fail to recognize that. Where would we be without scientific progression over the last, say, 500 years? It seems that he would like the Church to be mired in Dark Ages-like superstition. Take a look at this recent commentary of his: This seems to reflect his own opinion about science and not what Pope Paul was actually saying. He mentions "psychology vs. exorcism" and the unapproved "1990 prophecy" in that commentary, not surprisingly.

From a different commentary: It would be nice if instead of intellectualism (which gets few into Heaven) the seminaries gave courses on devotions, novenas, the Eucharist, healing, deliverance, exorcism, angels, the saints, and miracles. If nothing else, homes would get blessed and homilies would get more interesting. What's wrong with using all of these together to do the work of the Lord? Why, again, does he put down the mind?

There is good on this site, but one has to sift through the sensational stories and strong, biased opinions (which can sway people to think they're fact) to get to the good. He's an overly well-intentioned person that has a strange view on what is going on in the world. This site isn't for anyone who doesn't have a strong sense of discerning. Honestly, I have taken good away from the site, but the ratio is about 20 percent good to 80 percent confusion.


Well I just attended a retreat by Michael Brown and he seems to know how to gather a crowd. There were approximately 200 people, maybe more at a local hotel and his topic for the day was the AfterLife. Each person paid $30 to attend and sit in chairs crammed into a meeting room. (That would be $6000 he collected plus book sales which were going fine.) He spoke about how surprised we would be about heaven for about a half hour. He was moving on to describe purgatory and hell when I left feeling quite sad and sick that someone could play on the fears of others in such a way. He used no sources, no scripture just an amazing imagination. I think he has a way to entice people to believe he is helping them while he certainly helped himself to a great profit for a day’s work. He has no study in theology but he does know how to gather a crowd. I don’t know WHY.


I’ve did have one of his books on my bookshelf, which I picked up second hand from somewhere.

I don’t know what happened to it, and I can’t find it. It was an “end times” type of publication, but from a Catholic perspective. There were some interesting photos in it, including what appeared to be an image of the crucified Christ and Mary in the boiling mushroom flames and cloud from a French nuclear test way back in the 1960s’ or 70’s. Whatever else you want to say about it, it was a remarkable photograph.

I’ve never looked at his website, so that’s about as far as my acquaintanceship goes.

Some of the messages in his book were disturbing, and I suppose he does have a role in getting Catholics to think about the times they’re living in. He may be a bit over the top, but since he’s not a formal Church figure, he’s free to do what he wants.


Good morning,

Regarding Michael Brown…

I used to visit his website ( on an almost daily basis. However, I am at the point where I am turning to other Catholic news websites for daily news…

I noticed Michael Brown is currently advertising a book from controversial talk show host and author, ‘Bob Larson,’ also a ‘self-proclaimed exorcist.’ Why he is promoting this man’s book is beyond my understanding.

When I sent several emails regarding his advertising and support for books such as Bob Larson’s, and some of his news stories that were controversial, I never received a response.

I am turning to EWTN’s website, and a couple of other Catholic news websites for my daily reading from now on.

May God Bless YOU Today! :slight_smile:


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