Can Anyone Explain the Episcopal View on Abortion?

I know that the chances of finding a pro-abortion Episcopalian on this forum is extremely thin, but I would like to know how they justify abortion as being permissible. I would also really like it if someone could post their official position on the matter. Are there any ex-episcopalians or knowledgable Catholics who can answer this question?

P.S. I am very, very opposed to abortion in basically all forms. I thought I be up front about that from the start.

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They don’t really believe in sin I think. They’re very far left. They support gays, adultry, and abortian. They have a spirit of “do whatever you want!”

I went to an episcopal church where the attendees were “prayerfully pro choice”. Like secularists they say that a woman has a right to her own body and how it should be used. They believe that a woman’s decisions should be trusted as it is her life to lead and she must live with the consequences of that decision. If a woman is unexpectedly pregnant only she can evaluate her own resources: financially, socially, emotionally, physical, etc and conclude whether or not she should have a child. Also, without abortion, it would not be possible for women to participate fully in society. Basically, it is the feminist position, but they believe that God gave us the mental faculties to make the decision and will not judge us for it. This is not my opinion at all, but how I understood it when I was episcopalian.

On which aisle of the supermarket does one find the canned worms?

In my experience, Episcopalians tend to be trendy and “up to the minute” of all Christian sects. Whatever is morally fashionable, they are right on top of.
They are just about the most theologically self-deluded people around. Many American Episcopalians even think re-union with Rome is right around the corner, in spite of Female and openly gay clergy and bishops as well as homosexual marriage! In recent history, they even had a bishop who doubted the divinity of Christ and the Holy Trinity. That was bishop Spong of their Newark, N.J. Diocese, Who was not even brought up on heresy charges during his lifetime.

All very interesting stuff…I truly didn’t understand and I guess it’s because it doesn’t make much sense!

Thanks for pointing this out from an Episcopal perspective, really interesting.

I have heard many Episcopalians reply to this question in the past with a reply that the Episcopal Church is full of many different point of views, and don’t view authority the same way as Catholics do. Does this sound right or is it just overwhelmingly liberal?

I would love to be corrected by an episcopalian, but it was my understanding that (generally speaking) they didn’t have official positions on a lot of this sort of “moral stuff,” and even on some “doctrinal” issues. Or they might issue guidelines but that doesn’t mean the faithful or even the clergy are bound by it, Some priests and bishops (even in their official positions) advocate and clearly support abortion, gay marriage, and any number of things that are strange to us Catholics, while others preach against it, and both sides are free to do so. :shrug: Of course I am not sure I fully understand the Anglican/Episcopal communion and their structure.

I don’t understand it either! That’s why I asked I guess :slight_smile:

Even if they have a “view” or position…I am betting a latte at Starbucks that individuals are not bound to adhere to that position in the same way that Catholics are supposed to and overwhelmingly do , I am confident.

That may be true, but I would like someone to confirm it first!

hmmmmmmm… must be why the Catholic Church is inheriting a lot of Episcopalians. Too much Liberalism in the C. of E. Who would of guessed considering it’s origins…:wink:

God gives man free will to do whatever he wants.

Yes. You can choose to accept or reject God. You can choose offend or please God… Choose wisely.:thumbsup:

Not all Episcopalins are that liberal. Just as in a lot of things it depends on which one you ask.

As far as I can tell the Episcopal church doesn’t set a hard rule/law that all faithful must follow, however the unofficial “teaching” at the moment seems to be that abortion should only be pursued under “extreme” circumstances.

That said, it doesn’t seem the ECUSA hierarchy has any intention/motivation to stop clergy that deviate from this position.

I don’t think any Catholic disagrees with this…everyone knows that people have free will, but that doesn’t justify doing anything you want. God has given everyone the free will to rob banks but that doesn’t mean we should. They are actually justifying abortion and they must have some reasoning behind it.

That’s true of Catholics too…some are not conservative at all and support abortion, but the difference is what their Church teaches on the matter. It seems like the Episcopal Church tries to steer away from making judgments.

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