Can anyone help me find a song?

I don’t remember the singers name and for some reason I can’t seem to find the song on the search engines. The singer sounds just like Michael Bolton and the song is Forgive Me. It was very popular a few years ago and I really want to find it. I thought it was Bob Carlisle but my searches don’t bring me to the song. Any help out there? Thanks, Carol

Are you sure Forgive Me is the title because for some reason Don Henley’s “Heart of the Matter” comes to mind when I read your discription.

Bryan Adams had a song “please forgive me”. Is that it?

Here are few thoughts

The song I’m looking for is a plea to God to forgive him. It’s something like:

forgive me…won’t you please forgive me…

it’s slow and makes chills go down your spine. It’s just been on my mind lately. I used to have a tape with the song and somehow lost it. Carol

If you give me more, I may be able to help out. What was on the cover of the tape? What were some of the other songs? Was it a band that was the artist or just an individual? Secular song or Christian song? Would the mainstream media play it a lot? What else stood out in the song to you?

I’ve been trying to remember more. I hear the tune so perfectly.
It’s slow and very prayerful with that big Michael Bolton like voice. I can’t believe I lost track of it.

Forgive me Lord…please forgive me (at least that’s what I remember). Once you get it in you mind you can’t forget it.

it’s a passionate plea to the Lord to forgive. It is so beautiful. I think I will call a Christian radio station and they might remember. It was played for a long time but it’s been several years now.

I thank you for your efforts but it’s probably a waste of time because I’ve searched and searched and no luck. One day I will run across it. Carol

Maybe Project Grace?

Ohhhh, it’s a Christian song. I have no clue, sorry.

type in a search engine: lyrics, “please forgive me …” and whatever else you can remember of the lyrics. You may get the result you’re looking for.

Rebecca St. James and Barlowgirl sang a song together called “Forgive Me.” The writer is Scott Dyer. He may have recorded it on his own and that may be what you heard. Or, it might be an entire different song.

Steve Green has a song called “Forgive Me” and it is probably the one you are thinking of.

Donna Summer wrote and sang a song called FORGIVE ME
(very beautiful, as I remember it), but I’ve only seen it on
her concert video (from 1983),
I can’t find it on any of her albums.
Maybe someone else recorded it?
The whole song is a prayer to God and Christ.


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