Can Anyone Identify This Movie?

I’m trying to identify a movie I saw years ago on a rented VCR. I can’t remember its title or any of its actors, just some of the plotline. Still, if anyone recalls its name, I’d be appreciative.

The main characters are tin miners living in medieval England. The miners, including some kids (no child labor laws then!), live wretched existences. I think some great peril threatens the community. I think it’s plague. One of the kids is a boy about twelve or thirteen who starts to experience visions of the Twentieth Century without, of course, realizing what it is. This is looked upon as some sign from God and the boy becomes the community’s hope for salvation from the threat. The boy only experiences his visions, I think, when blindfolded.

I have the impression this was a rather artsy type movie, rather than one which would have enjoyed a mass audience, though I could be wrong about that.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks much.

Sounds like “The Railway Children” or “The Devil’s Miner.”

If it is in medieval times then it can’t be about a railway (unless the boy has visions of 19th century England!).

Good luck, rings no bells for me. My best miner movie would be “The Molly Maguires” from the 1970s. A masterpiece as James Wong Howe’s last movie (and the only one in color).

Thanks for the suggestions, but neither is the movie. (I looked them up after reading here.) As I recall, the boy manages to lead some of his friends/family from the mines into the future, perhaps to get medicine for the plague. (I’m not certain as to the plague angle.) I’m also not even certain the miners are from medieval times. It might have been Roman Empire times, but that doesn’t really matter.

If I could recall even a single actor’s name, then I could find it. I’m interested because I just read a short story that reminds me of it.

Thanks and if it should ring a bell in anyone’s mind, I’d be appreciative.


What’s the name of the short story? Who wrote it? Maybe that info will help jog our memories.

Sounded interesting so I googled it.
Maybe it’s a movie directed by Vincent Ward that was named

Dear Peggy,

It isn’t a story anyone would likely recognize. An email pal of mine is a semi-professional writer with scores of short story credits in myriad publications. He asked me to read over one of his pieces from 1981 that appeared in a very short-lived publication. He’s revising it hoping to get it into a print anthology. When I read it, I told him it reminded me of a movie I once saw. He asked which one.

It’s not all that important. It just bugs me that I can’t recall much about it other than what I have already stated. But thanks anyway.


Dear Blue Rain,

“Sounded interesting so I googled it.
Maybe it’s a movie directed by Vincent Ward that was named


Thanks so much. My friend said he would like to see it. What did you put into Google to come up with it, please? I tried various descriptions and always failed. Salute! I’m pretty good finding things and (most especially) people I haven’t seen or heard from in thirty years or more just sitting at my desk using search engines, but I failed in this case. So thanks again.

I’m just glad that I got the plot down right. I’ve always prided myself on my good memory, so at least it hasn’t totally failed me.

Perhaps you could sideline into internet research and investigation like Garcia on *Criminal *Minds!

Best regards,


To all:

Thanks to the kindness and astuteness of Blue Rain, if anyone is interested in investigating the movie I inquired about, here is the Wikipedia link:

Apparently, the film won many awards in Australia and New Zealand.


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