Can anyone identify this saint?

I have a painting featuring an unknown saint. I do not know who painted this. It has been suggested that this is either St. Giles or St. Peter of Verona, but I would like to clarify.

Here is a photo of the painting:

If there are any links you would be willing to share to help me out, that would be appreciated!



It is St. Peter of Verona, better known as St. Peter, Martyr whose memorial we celebrate today, June 4th. The painting in the link you provide, has him wearing the Dominican habit before Our Lady gave her scapular to the order. He was murdered for having preached the truth about Manichaeism. With his own blood he wrote on the ground, “Credo in unum Deum,” I believe in one God. Later his murderer repented and became a Dominican Lay Brother and lived a holy life.

For more, see:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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