Can anyone name that tune?

Can anyone help me locate the title, artist and/or composer of the song on the Sanctuary of St. Philomena website?
It is a really beautiful song, and I would love to purchase a recording of it, but can’t find any information on it.
Any help would be appreciated!
thanks -

Did you try to e-mail them and ask what it is and who sings it?
It is a beautiful song.

I did email twice several months ago and got no reply. I am hoping that somewhere out there someone might know the song! Thanks for taking a listen.

The filename is ‘01StPhilomenaFromLAngelus’. There’s a Catholic family band called L’Angelus but their music is very Cajun, which this isn’t, and they only have one album out from what I can see – no mention of St Philomena on the tracklist.

The St Philomena Foundation (ran into their page while searching) had quite a bit from a Catholic singer-songwriter named Simonetta, but I couldn’t find the song in question in her discography either.

Your best bet is probably to email them like Prague suggested and hope they remember :slight_smile:

edit: whoops, you tried that. Well, persevere, I guess :o

**Thank you Mirdath **for the L’Angelus clue! I emailed the band last night, and had a response in my inbox this morning. The song is called The Love Song of St. Philomena, and L’Angelus recorded it in their home studio.
It is currently not available on CD, but perhaps soon. They are coming out with a Christmas CD, and they very graciously sent me an mp3 of the song!
Mystery solved, and L’Angelus has a huge fan for life.

Thanks everyone!

You’re welcome, and glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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