Can anyone please explain this?

What does this mean?
“Person nn was removed from all ecclesiastical offices in nn Catholic
diocese at both the diocesean and the parish level (CIC c.184).”

I have no idea, since CIC c. 184 actually says

Can. 184 §1. An ecclesiastical office is lost by the lapse of a predetermined time, by reaching the age determined by law, by resignation, by transfer, by removal, and by privation.

§2. An ecclesiastical office is not lost by the expiration in any way of the authority of the one who conferred it unless the law provides otherwise.

§3. Loss of an office which has taken effect is to be made known as soon as possible to all those who have some right over the provision of the office.


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What does “by transfer” refer to?

It means the person no longer holds those offices.

Often due to removal for behavior contrary to the office previously held.

Deacon Christopher


I think you have read the latest info from our diocese, and in this case the person left his religious order as noted on one of the pages of the RO website.

When a priest returns to his original diocese or transfers to a different diocese, he may no longer do the “priestly work” in the diocese he leaves if the bishop decides so. The bishop may ask the priest´s old bishop, that the priest may return to the diocese and the bishop will again give his permission to the priest to do the “priestly work” in the diocese.

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Yes it was about a Priest in Stockholms stift

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