Can anyone recommend a book?

I’m looking for a Christmas gift for a relative, and hoping someone can suggest one for me. I’d like a large, hardcover book with many photos of our Blessed Mother, perhaps photos of shrines throughout the world, or photos of artwork of Mary, etc. This relative isn’t a big reader, but he does like Mary, so I’m looking for a really nice book with mostly pictures.

Any ideas?

Thanks much!

go to the shop link on this website and explore Mary and the Saints:**Mary, The Second Eve****True Devotion To Mary****Beginning Apologetics 6: How To Explain and Defend Mary****World’s First Love****Mary, Our Jewish Mother****Meeting Mary, Our Mother In Faith - Evangelization Gu**

If you go to Amazon and look up a book like this, they will suggest other similar books:

Here is another

Thanks stbruno and kage-ar ---- I’ll check them out!

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