Can anyone recommend a good book about the Knights Templar?

i would like to learn more about the Knights Templar and would like a recommendation
of any books anyone might have read about them. any recommendation would be appreciated. thanks.

I do not know of any good books on them but I did find this with google search engine:… read one event about them (not from that web site) where they surrender once and the horrors that soon follow from their muslim conquerors…should be require reading for all Christians. Also, if I may suggest in case you are not familiar with it, be careful of the book you read because the Masons also has an organization call the Knight Templar and needless to say their history is very different then the Catholic History. Good luck with your QUEST! May Gold bless you.

okay. thanks. no, i definitely don’t want to read anything about the freemasons. i will check out the website. i just finished a good book called the brotherhood of the holy shroud and it was fiction and was about the different groups who want to protect the shroud of turin and a group that wanted to reclaim the shroud to the community of edessa where it was kept for sometime. i would also like to read a good book about the shroud of turin. interesting that while i am reading this book, the Catholic church comes out and says that the Knights Templar had the shroud in their possession during a period of time it was missing.

Careful of that website, It may contain a little heresy, I just compare it with a Roman Catholic website which you may find a little more factual:

Note: The Roman Catholic website mentions that the prophecy was legend whereas the one I first quoted stated it as a matter-of-fact.

Offhand I don’t know of any good books about them, but I will say there’re quite a few bad and false books about them so you have quite a field to navigate.

i definitely don’t want any false books about them. i would like a book that has been researched and based on facts. i did read the newadvent website about them. i know there have been a lot of books written about the Knights Templar, so that is why i am asking for recommendations.

Hello 7 Sorrows. You go to a bookstore let’s say. You look up Knights Templar. I’ve done this. The MAJORITY are written by historic sheisters or people with absolutely no Higher Degree in History. You’ll find the standard myths about Freemasonic contacts (absolutely unsupportable, an occultist lie). Best book BY FAR is by Piers Paul Reed. I check the footnotes, all kosher, (Paul Johnson, famous crusader historians quoted) and it absolutely debunks all those stupid occult myth books on the Templars (Da Vinci code types) which sell way more but are written by crackpots. Read is a very respected journalist in England writing for the conservative Spectator Magazine.
You will do no wrong, and will learn much. Here’s the link to Amazon
Or check your library for it. Cheers. Did I mention its actually historically accurate. Oh, yeah.

thank you for your recommendation. that is exactly what i am looking for! i definitely want a book that is historically accurate - not interested in a da vinci code type book.
thanks for the link too!

Hello 7 Sorrows. No probs! God Bless.

This may also interest you.

This is the refounded Knights Templar page. It is a Christian Order (not masonic) with several Catholic members.

Here is the link to the U.S. Grand Priory

. . . and to my local priory (St. James)

Note that the order has by granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations.

I fear this is another fake order that no Catholic should join. It is not Catholic, it is ‘ecumenical’ and founded by that devil Napoleon. I’d have to see its other principles written down but the odds of their problems, along with its fake origin and acceptance of all religions – contrary to the spirit of a real order and the Church – all the bad signs are there.

I have to agree with both of the thoughts expressed here: 1. There is a preponderance of faulty literature about the Templars. I will attempt to find something that is solid; and 2. Many of the Templar organizations are “ecumenical”.

I almost joined one myself, and then realized that is was merely a “rich boys” club with NO real connection to Catholicism.

In the meantime, I wish you luck with your search.


I suggest you take a closer look at the international webpage, especially the “approach” and “legacy” sections.

Pretty judgmental based on inaccurate history and speculation.

Maybe a bishop should be asked about this group. I also have some books on knights templar and others like that but I’m sorry I can’t find them right now.

No, actually I know a snake when I smell one.

Going back to the Order’s web page it says: Fabré-Palaprat founded the order. Google Fabré-Palaprat. Google books returns: ‘Secret Societies and Subversive Movements’ and ‘The Order of the Solar Temple: The Temple of Death’.

From which I quote:

“This controversy began with a Masonic adventurer active at the time of the French Reveolution, a Paris physician called Bernard-Raymond Fabre-Palaprat (1773-1838). In 1804 he declared to have discovered – together with his colleagues of the above-mentioned Masonic Lodge of the Knights of the Cross in Paris – some documents proving the existence of an uninterrupted succession of Templar “Grand Masters,” operating secretly from the suppression of the order in 1307 to 1792 (when the last “hidden” Grand Master, Duke Louis Hercule Timoleon de Crosse-Brissac, died in Versailles, massacred by the Jacobins). With the French Revolution and the fall of the French monarchy, the Templars were now able to come into the open. In 1805 Fabre-Palaprat reconstructed the Templar Order independent of Freemasonry, unlke the Templar degrees) was generally well accepted in the occult subculture, and caught the interest of Napoleon himself, who authorized a solemn ceremony in 1808.”

It’s just the whole Masonic-Dan Brown style thing all over again.

The U.N. also recognizes Planned Parenthood, but I wouldn’t want to join it.

Now I’ve only spent about 15 minutes dishing this to you, but I didn’t need to. I could smell a snake when I caught a whiff of it. If I spent a few hours documenting, I could do even better. But I’m not going to bother. A person with sense has now seen this is just the Masons redux, version 2. A person wanting to join a knightly order and a Catholic does not go here, and could easily do the legwork and practical research to tear this thing apart into shreds. That is if you know the Faith. I’m being redundant. :slight_smile:

Knights of Columbus. Best bet. That’s all I can say right now. Otherwise. Found a real military after practicing as a real monk for awhile with real monks for awhile. Not that easy to do, but a real nice vocation.

Benedice I pray. Take another look at the organization you’re a part of. A close clear look. Sorry for the bad news, but you should’ve done the leg work yourself you know.

“Maybe a bishop should be asked about this group”


When I was first invited to consider membership by one of the board members of our local Catholic Charities, I too was skeptical given the “templar” name. I voiced my concern and he took it to the bishop, who said there is no problem.

Now as a deacon candidate, I again wanted to make sure it wasn’t a problem. I was told there was no reason to resign.

You only smell what you have already decided is in the air. Maybe you should spend more than 15 minutes relying on a hogwash book. There is no “mason redux” as you state and your own dubious source says so as does the Order itself.

"Who We Are
The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Inc. is an autonomous and independent organization, incorporated in the United States, which seeks to emulate the chivalric and charity traditions of the original Templars; its members apply themselves energetically and selflessly to Christian charitable endeavors.

We are a modern Christian Order of Knighthood dedicated to:
*]Seeking God in our lives and promoting love and respect for our community.
*]Increasing understanding between religions, helping pilgrims visit holy places, and maintaining a Christian presence in the Holy Land.
*]Supporting the poor, sick, and unjustly accused; standing against oppression, and protecting freedom of speech.
*]Encouraging the noble ideas of Chivalry; maintaining the monuments, archives, and history of the Knights Templar.
[/LIST]Our guiding lights are the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, through which members aspire to serve faithfully as Knights of God’s Temple. The motto of the Order, “Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam” is the Latin version of Psalm 115, verse 1 – “Not unto us, Oh Lord, not unto us, but to Thy Name be given glory.”
The Order, in an age of democratic materialism and secular humanism, seeks, by reconstituting an ancient chivalric order, to adopt an organization of proven effectiveness in capturing the allegiance and spirit of dedicated leaders, and to show that spiritual idealism is most certainly relevant and not inconsistent with a sensibility for tradition, nor inconsistent with patriotism nor civic duty – thus the Order’s purposes include assisting and facilitating the growth of the virtues of Christian gentlemen and ladies, by endeavor with God’s Grace. The members of this Order believe they have an obligation to participate in the coalescing and preservation of a constructive force similar to that which created knighthood and chivalry during the Middle Ages.
The Order has both a Chaplain’s Corps for ordained ministers and a Chirurgeon’s Corps for medical professionals. It also has an associated honorary Order of Merit that recognizes accomplished individuals of all faiths for their extraordinary work for God and humanity.

Governing Principles:
*]To become a Knight Templar, one must be a Christian by faith.
*]The Order is ecumenical; it does not restrict membership to a single Christian Church
*]The Order recognizes the Constitution and statutes of the United States and of its several States as sovereign and temporally supreme public law.
*]The Order does not allow its members to act contrary to their obligations to their country.
*]The Order is not a political organization and does not engage in politics.
*]***The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Inc. (also referred to as SMOTJ) is not associated in any way with Freemasonry. ***
[/LIST]There is clearly a growing desire among caring men and women to spread goodness in the world. The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem is increasingly viewed as a means of doing so; its volunteer base is growing rapidly in terms of both numbers and talent. In order for a growing volunteer organization like SMOTJ to be effective on a large scale, it utilizes the varied talents of all and magnifies the results of their efforts through effective organization-all the while keeping a singular crusading focus."

© 2009, The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Inc. All Rights Reserved



Your own quote from an unaccredited book that you cite even says: “In 1805 Fabre-Palaprat reconstructed the Templar Order independent of Freemasonry”

Of course this assumes that the present order is the one founded by Fabre-Palaprat. In fact what the order’s international cite says is:

"In 1995, the majority of OSMTH Templars (mostly grouped in the Grand Priories of Austria, France, Italy, Finland, England & Wales, Scotland, NATO and the USA) assembled in the Austrian town of Salzburg and democratically adopted several resolutions to restructure and modernize the Order. One of the landmark decisions was to withdraw recognition from the Regent of the Order, Fernando de Sousa Fontes, because of mismanagement and irregular conduct. (Those few who refused to abide by the democratic decision are presently known as OSMTH-Regency.) The present OSMTH is therefore the largest and best organized Templar group to date. It is an apolitical, not-for-profit organization registered in Geneva, Switzerland, under Federal Registry number CH-660.197299-4. "

Its connections to Fabre-Palaprat are tenuous at best, and the information you “quote” about “Fabre-Palaprat” is not credible.

Moreover, the primary charitable beneficiaries of the Order are in fact very Catholic.

"The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem supports many charitable organizations across the nation and throughout the world. Listed below are some of these worthy charities. We encourage all members to give generously of their time and resources to these causes through the annual contribution to the Jerusalem Mite, which supports our work in the Holy Land, and through your support of different charitable efforts of your local Priory or Commandery.
The Autonomous Grand Priory of the United States of America (Our National Organization) provided direct significant financial contributions to the following organizations in 2005:

Donations to Support Maintenance of Holy Land Sites, Hospitals, and Schools
*]**The Franciscans in the Holy Land **
*]The Augusta Victoria Hospital, operated by the Lutheran Diocese of Jerusalem
*]The Anglican Diocese (to support St. George Cathedral and School) in Jerusalem
*]The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
*]The Armenian Patriarchate to maintain many of the Old Quarter sites
*]The International Orthodox Christian Charities
[/LIST]Donations to Support Christians at Risk in 2005
*]The Chaldean Catholics in Iraq. "

I have been invested for about 6 years now, there are no “secret ceremonies” (ala masons), the investiture was attended by several Catholic priests, many of the military chaplains are members, including Catholic priests.

I did plenty of “footwork” before I accepted the invitation to be invested and I am satified that this modern order, which does not claim to be a descendant of the original Knights Templar but is a Christian charitible organization that honors the original values and history of the Knights Templar, is legitimate, not antiCatholic and unequiviocally not associated with freemasonary.

As for a Catholic Order, I am also invested in the Knights of Malta, so your rather uncharitable comments: “Found a real military after practicing as a real monk for awhile with real monks for awhile. Not that easy to do, but a real nice vocation” demonstrates a further lack of information.

I suggest you research the “Knights of Malta” , also known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM, see my screen name) for short. Is was founded around 1090 by Catholic Brother Gerard, a "real monk

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