Can anyone recommend a good book about the Knights Templar?

Dear SMOM, I really hope you are as vigorous in your defense of Jesus Christ being the road to salvation for all exclusively, as you are in defense of your order. The problem of course with any reputed Catholic Sanction of your order is that there is none from Rome. Your order would have no problems accepting Christian Unitarians or Arians (early heresy) who deny Christ’s divinity but only worship Him as the highest among us mortals. This is indeed what many Masons believe.
I mentioned in another thread here on Freemasonry how it was incompatible with Catholicism based on my own research and from family members who are Masons. One was exalted into Royal Arch. Royal Arch masons in the higher degrees learn the secret occult name of God. The Great Architect of the Universe is JAH-BUL-ON, the ineffable name.
JAH= Jahweh, the God of the Old Testament
BUL= Baal, the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with magic, (the devil to the Hebrews).
ON= Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld.
I know this from personal experience because when I asked a member of my family (60 years old) to pronounce this name, he froze in front of the whole family because he did not think anyone would know Gods secret name and by Masonic Ritual, nobody is allowed to utter the words Jahbulon on pain of decapitation, at least they promise. A Royal Arch can only pronounce one consonant of the above trinity requiring two others to pronounce the other two respectively. After Royal Arch many masons get bored and start joining other rites for fun. Beyond the non-Christian Craft and Royal Arch degrees are self-styled Christian Orders including yours (Knights Templar), the Red Cross of Constantine, and the Rose Croix. In the 1950s Father Walton Hannah (a religious man, having nothing to do with the conspiracy fringe of Catholic writing on Masonry) analyzed the rituals of these ``Christian Orders which enables mere master Masons of the 3rd degree to vault to the 18th in a Gnostic obligation pledging fidelity to the secrets and mysteries of this Order. The emphasis is on the inititiates impersonation of Christ in achieving his own salvation through enlightenment (which is the oldest heresy the Church had to fight, Gnosticism, which teaches that salvation is only achievable by secret knowledge forbidden to the profane). My dad knew way too many people who left the Catholic Church, became Orthodox or other, just so they could belong to the Order. Books in support of my claims (2 bestsellers): Inside the Brotherhood by Martin Short, The Brotherhood by Steven Knight, and Walton Hannah Darkness Visible . If you do post a reply please point me to the Papal Bull or Proclamation allowing Catholics to join your order and exempting it from the Vaticans encompassing Condemnation of all Masonic Orders. And while you find the Papal pronouncements praising your particular order, please, please feel free to personally comdem all Royal Arch Masons as Anti-Catholic for worshipping JAHBULON. Please, you have much documentation, as a Christian Templar renounce Craft Masonry and Royal Arch. Ive pointed out three legitimate books here which show they are incompatible with belief in the Holy Trinity so give them a read. I really cant understand Christian Masons who go to incredible degrees consuming space and time in defense of their Orders, when they could be spending the exact same amount of sweat and time helping the Church, joining the Knights of Columbus, proclaiming the truth of Christ. But no, I expect Ill receive a voluminous, verbose retort defending the Order because of course why should anyone spend time on the Catholic blogs learning about the Church and Christ when we should be defending secret societies and their temples. If you do feel the need to state you do not belong to a secret society please contact your superiors and post a link to where one can find, Word for Word, all the rituals for Each Degree of the Knights Templar. You have nothing to hide! The Bible and Catechism are available to all, so please post a link for what is required to be said in your order for initiation into each of the degrees right to the top. If you cant publish this, well then, of course its a secret. With all the problems in the world could not you and I have spent this time praying for sinners instead of engaging in an argument over a secret club. You dont have to belong to a Temple or non-Catholic brotherhood for philanthropy.
In Christ and may God Bless You!

From the forum to which SMOM’s links linked. Nice work this. A newspaper article about the relationship between the Templars advertised above and their relationship with the Vatican. It’s from the English website Register.
This post was originally about 7 Sorrows finding a book on the old Templars and I recommended Piers Paul Reed, but 15 minutes later I guess this thread took a turn for the worse. Well at least I checked out SMOM’s links and their forum. Pretty Enlightening. Hope it ends here. God Bless everyone.

Oh sorry, forgot for 7 Sorrows, on Shroud of Turin, have you read The Blood and the Shroud by Ian Wilson.
Really good in researching the authenticity and historicity of the Shroud and why the carbon dating was wrong.
Also, similar and very interesting: The Quest for the True Cross by Carsten Thiede adn Matthew D’Ancona (Deputy Editor of the Sunday Telegraph)
And sorry on Templars last name is Read. I misspelled.

For the last time, the modern Knights Templar have NOTHING to do with freemasonary. Additionally and to repeat, there are NO secret rituals and no “degrees” of knighthood. You again are confusing this order with the Masons. It isn’t a secret club, it is completely transparent. There is no need for a Bull from the Vatican allowing membership anymore than there would need to be a Bull allowing membership in the Chamber of Commerce or a college fraternity. The level of paranoia is amazing.

As for belonging to philanthropic organizations, I belong to many, including the very Catholic Knights of Malta, a true knighthood of the Catholic church, in addition to this “christian” organization, which like the Knights of Columbus, is merely a fraternal organization, not a true knighthood.

Now let me address another one of your points. Yes, I personally comdem all Royal Arch Masons as Anti-Catholic for worshipping JAHBULON. (whatever that means) and I also renounce Craft Masonry and Royal Arch as the modern version of the Knight Templar to which I belong has nothing whatsoever to do with either. Let me be clear, I fully accept the churches teaching that membership in any masonic organization is utterly incompatible with Catholism and I therefore would never be a member of any masonic or masonic affilliated organization.

Crusades historian Thomas F. Madden, in his bibliography to “The Concise History of the Crusades,” states that there are only a few good books on the Templars. He recommends “The New Knighthood : A History of the Order of the Temple,” by Malcolm Barber. Since the publication of Madden’s book, Barber has published a second volume on the Templars called “The Trial of the Templars.”

If I recall correctly, this is Madden is the fellow whose articles debunking Inquisition myths appeared in ‘First Things’ and famous for his good methodology in researching these matters. Sounds like a reliable resource in regards to recommendations about books on these subjects. :slight_smile:

Well it’s a complete work of fiction, but Umberto Eco’s Foucalt’s Pendulum is a satirical take on conspiracy theories surrounding the Templars, and I don’t know, maybe some of the background exposition is true. At least it sounded vaugeley like what I’ve heard elsewhere abou the Templars.

I don’t give it high marks for Christian values, but it is definitely a good antidote to the Dan Brown*/Da Vinci Code* nonsense - it even makes satirical reference to some of his source material - which is funny because it was written years before Dan Brown. It’s slow going for the first 300 pages or so, but after that it’s a page turner.

I like to thank you and everyone else that remains strong in the Catholic Faith and speak up against the masons/freemasons. I live down here in the south where they control almost everything, especially in the Government and businesses.
I strongly recommend that all catholics make theirself aware of the masons signs, religious beliefs, and various orders so that they can protect theirselves from this satanic occult. This is a highly dangerous occult which attacks Catholics without mercy and often without the victims knowledge. Unfortunatly they are also a very secretive religious organization which are quick to claim that they are not a religious organization but a charitable organization, do not be fool.If you walk into any local governments building down here in the deep south then you probablely have walk right into a control mason/freemason atmosphere, they are quick to give these government jobs out to their members. They also infiltrate various Catholic orders. I work with one guy who claim that his brother was a mason and was one of the one in charge of the Florida Knights of Columbus, of course this may not have been true, I never investigated the matter, being I myself am not a Catholic. Just be cautious and protect your religion with great vigor and make yourself aware of those around you who are in there orders, with careful observation you will become amaze at how many and how strong they really have become. You will also be very amaze at the similarity of the masons and other religious occults like the Mormons and the Klu Klux Klan.
If all of this sounds far-fetched or like a conspiracy theory then you better think again.
Oh, yes, getting back to the main topic about a recommended book, good-luck and enjoying the topic.

Many people interested in the Templars will find the story of the Siege of Malta riveting.
The Knights of Malta were the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, aka the Hospitallers, and they saved Malta and Christendom with a heroic defense.

Nicholas Prata has written an incredibly good novel about the siege. I can’t recommend this book enough. Here is the description. Read the customer reviews on Amazon.

**The year is AD 1523 and the island of Rhodes has just fallen to the Turks. Those sailing away in defeat from this captured bastion are members of an anachronistic crusading order called the Knights of St. John – otherwise known as the Hospitallers. Among the dejected company is a stalwart young knight named Jean Parisot De La Valette. Were it up to him, the order would have defended the island to the bitter end. Forty-two years later, history has repeated itself. The Hospitallers are again besieged by the teeming armies of the relentless Turk. Their tiny island-fortress of Malta is all that stands between the armies of Suleiman and the very heart of Christendom. But this time the scenario is different – La Valette wears the Grand Master’s cape. Behind him stand the knights of his faithful order: men of incredible valor ready to “strike a blow for Christ” and sacrifice their lives to halt the invading Turks at the gates of Europe. What follows is a desperate struggle between East and West, Cross and Koran, faith and despair. Angels in Iron is based on the actual events surrounding the Siege of Malta in 1565. Nicholas C. Prata relates the tale in riveting and graphic prose which brings the extreme heroism of the knights and the unimaginable horror of combat sharply into focus. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure. **

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