Can anyone recommend a good, if not the best, book about Luther's life and teachings?


Hello! I saw this book by Fr. Patrick O’Hare entitled The Facts About Luther and I’m thinking about buying it but as I searched for reviews on the book, I came across comments like this book was poorly documented, or that it portrayed Luther as a drunkard, clergy hating man, etc… A comment I found in this forum by a Protestant said the author is the Roman Catholic version of Jack Chick so now I’m thinking of purchasing another book on Luther. Can anyone recommend a good, if not the best, book about Luther’s life and teachings that Protestants would not even refute? Thank you!


Finding an objective book about Luther might be a difficult task but I am sure both Catholics and Lutherans will have some good suggestions that I await as well.



TAN Books has a book titled, The Facts about Luther. TAN is a Catholic publishing house, and, as the title may suggest, it is not a flattering account, but it is well sourced (including quite a lot of Luther’s own words).

I would not say it is unimpeachable, but it is convincing.


I have this book and recommend it. You will find any bad reviews come from Luther supporters. Ignore them and read the book.


Luther and Lutherdom: From Original Sources by Heinrich Denifle, online for free here:


Thank you for the replies. The book I’m talking about is from TAN Books. As a Catholic, I am inclined to buy and read it especially after reading the book’s description, but after seeing comments such as poorly documented and this book is a Catholic version of Jack Chick, I’m thinking of buying a reference that’s balanced and objective and not give in to my inclination towards the purely Catholic book. An undisputed scholarly reference is what I’m intending to purchase and study so in case I get into a discussion with a Protestant regarding Luther, I can use the book as reference and say my source is not biased.


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