Can anyone recommend any good drum corps/military drum groups?

Ever since seeing the Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland, I’m a massive fan of military drumming.

So, does anyone else here like this sort of thing and who are your favourite military drum groups or drum groups?

Here in Colorado, we have the Drums along the Rockies in July. Although, none are military, several drum corps from around the US compete.

Here’s the website: Drums along the Rockies
Click on the subtitle, “Featured Corps”, and you’ll have a list of the different corps.

Since 1965, my favorite has been the Casper Troopers, known affectionately as the " Long Blue Line". I’ve heard, but never been able to confirm, their uniforms are replica 1870’s US Calvary.

A number of my parish (including one of the boys in my Scout troop) are members of the Midnight Riders Fife and Drum

Colonial era\Rev War.

I also have a friend who is in a American Civil War Fife and Drum corp.

No one in just a straight drum corp. though

Thank you.

Phantom Regiment!

They’re from MY city!

Here’s the link to their website, including videos:

Not exactly military, but look up DCI (Drum Corps International). The groups who compete in DCI are literally world class.

An older but amazing video compilation:

All of the people who compete in these groups are in their teens/early 20s (there is an age cutoff).


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