Can anyone share info or the title of the recent book on Mother Theresa's letters


Can’t find it on AMazon.



Come Be My Light
Written by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk





I’ve read the book. I found it worthwhile, but tedious and painful as well. I now understand her plight better and understand her sainthood even more. There have been saints who have shared in the physical wounds of Christ, but I think she is the only one I am aware of who probably shared in His agony in the garden.


Thanks for the insights.

IMO almost ALL Christians share in the Agony of the Garden. ALmost everyone has a ‘‘crisis of Faith’’.

I pray all get through them.


Her real issue was not a crisis in faith which you will find out when you read her letters. It was separation from the presence of God… her faith sustained her through it.


Thanks again!

I started the book and see what you mean about the read.


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