Can anyone suggest a Catholic Apologetics course study?


I co-facilitate a women’s group study. Currently, we’re working through Johnnette Benkovic’s “Women of Grace” foundational study.

In looking ahead I’m trying to find a course for our next study series and would like to find one regarding Catholic Apologetics. While there are many wonderful books on this subject I can’t find an actual study for a group setting (e.g. something with companion workbooks for “at home” study, a facilitator’s guide, etc…).

I’ve spent hours searching online for something like this, to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


The Beginning Apologetics series by Jim Burnham has a workbook and also has a study guide with discussion questions for the Beginning Apologetics 1 book.



Also the Catholic Home Study Service


Thanks to the pair of you for your suggestions!:slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,
I was looking for something similar. However, I was looking for something like a workbook for working through apologetic topics. For instance, something where we read a particular anti-catholic argument, and then through a series of questions, arrive at a strong defence of the Catholic faith.

My parish wants to start a small apologetics group but the adminestrators insist on using a workbook. Some of the examples posted above seem to ask more personal questions like, “how does the Eucharist make you feel.” I am looking for something where we can learn apologetics from a workbook series of questions.


I am in the same situation. I would love to know if you found anything.


I have just joined the forum and would like to ask you if you have found a Catholic Apologetics Course. Please let me know. I have been running a group for about one year but it is not running in the way I anticipated. I need MATERIAL. Please help me. Thanks.


Another Site with free stuff. Awesome!
Here are a couple- has a ton of free stuff (with minimal donations and shipping required)
And this one which has some awesome website material as well-

Good Luck!


Thanks a million, ChristRocket.
The booklets of the BCS are ideal for me because they provide me with an outline on which to base my talk. Bible references are also a great help.
Thanks again! God bless you.


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