Can anyone suggest a nice gift from RCIA sponsor to Candidate?

Can anyone suggest a nice gift from an RCIA sponsor to their Candidate? I’m thinking of some things, (New Bible, Rosary) but wonder if there are any other suggestions a bit out of the ordinary. The lady I am sponsoring is a wonderful mother and grand-mother (her family is still Protestant but some of them are attending Holy Saturday. When I converted in 2004, I received a lovely Cross. I’m still learning myself, and this is my first time as a sponsor. It’s been a wonderful year!
Blessings and thanks,:angel1:
Kathryn Ann

A nice Rosary, if they are so inclined.
A hardcover bible - the Ignatius bible is excellent
Catholicism for Dummies

Oh, thank you, the Ignatius Bible sounds like a wonderful idea. I hadn’t thought of that! (I’m afraid the “Dummy” book might sent the wrong message though,(!) :blush: but thank you. Perhaps a Rosary and the Ignatius Bible. :angel1:

When I was confirmed I was given (not by my sponsor but by a family friend) a copy of The Imitation of Christ. We had already been given Bibles and rosaries as part of the RCIA programme so those weren’t options! A book of common prayers might also be a good idea, they can be found pretty cheaply.

Hey! I have a copy, and just ordered two more! Actually, many RCIA programs use the Dummies book (I think that every one of them should), and it may be used as a catechism, since it carries the nihil obstat as well as the Bishop’s Imprimatur. Every Christian should have a copy. I learn from mine each time I open it.

The thing is, that RCIA is only a partial explanation of the faith. Had I a copy of this book in my RCIA, I would have been much clearer on Catholic teaching, and could have avoided many errors and sins.

How about a (meant for homes) Holy Water fount and a bottle of Holy Water. My fount is quite lovely, The Blessed Virgin Mary with receptacle at the bottom, and was inexpensive. Or, a Diary of Saint Faustina accompanied by a Divine Mercy Chaplet. The possibilities are endless…!

The Holy Water fount sounds interesting. . .I’m looking for a unique gift for my sponsor. But she probably has “everything” related to the faith (in terms of books, medals, rosaries, crosses, etc) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I thought the thread was about gifts for the Candidate? :confused:

The sponsor isn’t expecting a gift, but it would be nice to take him out someplace nice, to say “thank you.” :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you! That also reminds me of prayer cards too, along with something else. I know I love Holy Cards, and they have such nice prayers on the back. :angel1:

You might want to find out from the RCIA team what the parish may be giving them.

Our parish gives them a crucifix and a prayer book.

Be careful with prayer books right now. Many include the Mass, and most haven’t been updated to include the changes.

I do like the Dummies books myself. I’m just shy about giving it as a gift to the lady I’m sponsoring! Yes, we can definitely learn from this series of books, though. Thanks!

An icon of the person’s patron saint, especially if s/he is taking a Confirmation name.

An icon of Christ’s Baptism called Theophany for a person being baptized. The Mystical Supper for a person with a Eucharistic devotion.

Wow! I never thought of that. I would love to have a fount myself. I need to check this out online. And I’m thinking a book on the Saint that my Candidate is taking as her own. Blessings!

But it is a nice idea, too, isn’t it? When I was going through RCIA, I did give my sponsor a gift and a card, to thank her for all her time and energy. As for me, I will be so proud to see “my” Candidate come through on Holy Saturday and that will be gift enough for me. But, back to the ideas for Candidates, (or Catechumen) yes, bring them on!

Very excellent note here, about the changes not being included. Thank you!:heaven:

Yes, thank you. I am definitely going to include something that has her patron saint!

My sponsor was also our RCIA teacher and she has become a good friend. This year I helped her out with the new RCIA class and plan on continuing to do this. Anyway, last year after the Easter Vigil, I gave her a gift card to her favorite Catholic book store, she seemed surprised and delighted.

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