Can anyone tell me about the Spiritual gift of Prophecy?

A while ago I found out that I have been given the Spiritual gift of Prophecy. Could any of you tell me more about it other than what’s in Corinthians?


It has many forms. Sometimes it involves speaking God’s will (which may just be what’s right) to other members of the Body of Christ. It can involve exhortation or encouraging members of Christ’s Body. Another form of it is miraculously foretelling the future. God has given this to saints and various believers over the course of history.

It is worthwhile to pay close attention to the popes’ encyclicals. These can be seen as a form of “public prophecy,” as they involve exhortation to the faithful, as well as instruction in God’s will. Occasionally, as in “Theology of the Body,” which warned of the potential consequences of a culture accepting contraception, are seen as prophetic in the sense that they have foretold the future accurately.

It’s important when one is graced with a spiritual gift to not lord it over other people. When I have told people what I feel is God’s will, I’ve left God out of it, simply telling people in as gracious and non-confrontational a manner as I can what I feel is right and why.

It also is crucial to pray and strive for humility, to look hard at one’s own sins and as little as possible on other people’s.

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