Can anyone tell me the 12 bible time periods used by Jeff Cavins?

I would really like to read through the 12 historical time periods used by Jeff Cavins in the great Bible adventure, but I can find a list with the Scripural References. I would be grateful if someone could tell me what they are.

Early world: Gen 1-11
Patriarchs: Gen 12-50
Egypt and Exodus: Ex 1-40
Desert wanderings: Num 1-36
Conquest and Judges: Josh 1-24, Judg 1-21, 1 Sam 1-12
Royal Kingdom: 1 sam 13-31, 11 sam 1-24, 1 Kings 1-11
Divided Kingdom: 1 kings 12-22, 11 kings 1-16
Exile: 11 kings 17-25
Return: Ezra 1-10. Neh 1-13
Maccabean revolt: 1 Macc 1-16
Messianic fulfillment: Luke 1-24
Church: Acts 1-28

If you take each one of those and split the chapters up into reading three or four a day you will have read the Bible history timeline in 90 days.

Thanks very much; that was exactly what I was looking for.

God Bless,


I just found the timeline chart at a local bookstore. Those are exactly what it says on there. I am hoping this helps me to go through the bible instead of just picking up and reading and being so lost as to where I am!

You are very welcome. I took the course at our parish, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Enjoy! and God Bless

If you can somehow get a copy of the DVD it would be of great benefit to you. We did the course in a Parish sponsored Bible study and it was excellent.

You can also get color-coded tabs for your bible that goes along with the time-periods. Very cool!

If you are reading the Bible by itself using his timeline…go to and use the online bible study (it is free) to go along with it. It will definitely help you make more sense out of what you read…It is Scott Hahn’s website and Jeff Cavins studied under him at Stuebenville Ohio. It is great and easy to follow.

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