Can anyone verify this Augustine quote?

As you all know, I’ve been doing a LOT of research on the beliefs of St Augustine of Hippo concerning various theological subjects; trying capture the man’s worldview,if you will ( maybe that qua that said I should become an Augustinian monk was right :thumbsup:). Anyway, I’ve seen this quote in a couple places. It goes something like this:“Not only do we not sin when we adore the Eucharist, but we do sin by not adoring it.” Did he really say this d if so, where can this quote be found?

It’s from his Exposition on Psalm 99. Here is how NewAdvent translates it:

“For He took upon Him earth from earth; because flesh is from earth, and He received flesh from the flesh of Mary. And because He walked here in very flesh, and gave that very flesh to us to eat for our salvation; and no one eats that flesh, unless he has first worshipped: we have found out in what sense such a footstool of our Lord’s may be worshipped, and not only that we sin not in worshipping it, but that we sin in not worshipping.” source

The quote you refer to, among others of Augustine on the Eucharist, can be found listed at this link in the context of an ongoing debate:

St. Augustine on the Eucharist

Source: Biblical Catholic .Com


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