can anything be done about

I was using GoogleMail, and one of the banner ads was this:

To save you the read, they are a splinter group of disenfranchised Seventh Day Adventists who believe all the “great whore of babylon” seventh-day slander of the Catholic Church.

Can anything be done about these groups? Replace “Catholic Church” with “Jews”, and for sure the Anti-semetic groups would (and rightly so) try to have the site take down its offensive and slanderous statements.

Has anyone ever attempted contacting someone asking them to take down a web site? Constrained by charity as we are, is there anything that can be done? I imagine that even as uncharitable as the things they say about us Catholics, the biblical statement about taking our brothers (very much separated brethren, but brethren nonetheless) to court precludes legal action, but what can one do about this?

Such people as cannot even abide the Seventh Day Adventists, and can find nobody on this earth to join together and are thus, all alone with the Bible, and Ellen White (they accept everything she wrote but not the modern SDA organization), are perhaps to be pitied more than feared, but still, ought one to do anything? Engage in friendly dialogue?

I suppose prayer is called for. I always seem to follow these odd-ball protestant links. As a protestant convert, maybe I should undertake as a personal prayer mission, to pray for the restoration of these sad little theological castaways, to the solid Rock of the Catholic Church.

Yours in St. Francis and St. Clare,


The reason he’s posting that site is because to warn people about the catholic religion in general,not catholics…in fact what their site says about the history of the catholic church is true, roman catholicism IS the beast mentioned in revelation,if you read the bible thoroughly and get the biased opinions and prejudices out of the way,you’ll realize that most of it is true. Roman Catholicism started wars, made forgeries, tortured people of other religions (i.e inquisitions), started crusades against “heretics (christians not of the catholic religion)” and muslims and halted the progress of science…you don’t even have to believe the site to know this is true,just read any history books during the middle ages and you’ll see how utterly corrupt this system was…the popes sired many bastards and stole lands from the rich to gain power for themselves… :rolleyes: To think of it thank God for Napoleon Bonaparte for ending the Catholic rule of Europe and putting an end to the dreaded inquisition. :smiley:

And Henry VIII, Luther and Calvin and all the other reformers and the Churches they founded - not to mention all of the Christian leaders and evangelists of today - were/are all as pure as the driven snow. Solely motivated by their search for the truth(s - there are so many of them … gee the Holy Spirit must’ve been busy protecting all those churches from error!) :rolleyes: :smiley:

Also,not to mention…the pope is so busy winning souls to christ that he would rather kill,them,torture them and burn them then convert them to catholicism rather than see their sinful and impure souls to hell… :rolleyes:

Come on Doggy. I grew up Protestant. I know everything you’re saying is about as big a load of lies as it gets.

I spent years unbrainwashing myself from the kind of stuff you’re saying. You sure pack a lot of nonsense into a paragraph.

It is awful charitable of you (but highly illogical) to make a distinction between Catholics and the Catholic Church. How is it do you think, that there is something worth defending about us Catholics, if the Catholic Church is all you say it is? Or are you just being, in your way, polite?


Sorry to revive a new thread, but why is this website broadcasting advertisements for anti-catholicism on youtube? I thought it was a movie at first but it’s a site! Should we contact google for the removal of these ads?

Ignore and do not link. Linking to them raises their search engine rankings.

Protesting will not do anything. The SDAs are brainwashed (meaning they are probably not even aware of the moral dimension of their actions) and won’t change. Search engines never remove sites unless they are doing something illegal.

Pray. Specifically ask for the intercession of St. Dymphna, that the brainwashing and obsessions of these people will be reversed.

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