Can baptism be delayed for good reason?


I have friend who is completing her RCIA in 4 months time. However, she is in love with divorcee (catholic) who do not intend to annul his previous marriage as he know that his ex-wife will not coorporate. Can she delay her baptism when she is ready? Cos, if she were to be baptized, she will have to break off her boyfriend so that she will not put to grave sin. Does she need to go through RCIA again in order to be baptized in the future? She intend to complete the course but delay the baptism. thanks.



First of all, annulments can still be granted even if the other party refuses to co-operate. So he needs to work on the annulment. She needs to let him know that God matters more to her than he does and that he had better get his priorities in order, For her, no annulment will mean no marriage! For her to delay baptism would be a serious sin. She is dealing with the living God! It only by His generosity that He gave her the grace to want Baptism. You don’t put God on the back burner!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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