Can Cannabis Spark Up A New Religion?

Earlier this year, Bill Levin founded the First Church of Cannabis in Indiana, where marijuana is still considered illegal. Levin used Indiana’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act as the foundation for his church’s establishment as a religion, leading many to question whether or not the church was a joke.

However, Levin’s religion has gained a small following and others across the United States have started their own cannabis-based religions, something that has led to questions as to whether or not marijuana should be considered a sacrament and therefore protected under religious freedom laws.;_ylt=AwrC1zFYCbpV9mAA0S3QtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMHZ0NG9yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–


Hey uh…

This Church of Cannabis…

Where did you say it was?


If this catches on, that would just prove that MJ really is the “devil’s weed.”


Nah, it just means that Godless people are morons. Marijuana does have some legitimate medical uses, especially when it comes to getting people on chemo to eat something. It shouldn’t be used recreationally, of course, but I support it’s use medically. the problem is making sure its use -stays- medical.

I think states need a clear definition of church, if they do not have one already, or else we might see other churches set up to protect illegal behavior. Church of Tax Evasion, anyone?

Marijuana ALREADY has a religion… Rastafarians,
who worship an Emperor in Ethiopia. They believe in
using cannabis to enhance their worship of the
God of Abraham!!!

I wonder if they hand out brownies and other munchies as you walk in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of that classic episode of Barney Miller with the hashish brownies.

Yemana: What do you say we guys go down to the beach, and shoot some clams?


Medical use aside, marijuana is sought after for a deceptive peace. Godless people have been deceived by the evil one, and need our prayers.

We have all the means to true peace in the Church.

I agree completely; I just wanted to make sure to include the caveat that it does serve some positive purposes and can therefore be considered morally licit so long as it’s used for the right reasons.

I certainly agree with that. I knew what you meant.



FYI CCC 2291 allows for therapeutic use of drugs. Of course their is a stipulation not to participate in black markets.

Edit: Obviously a religion around cannabis would be the same as a religion around a golden calf.

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