Can catholic attend to anglo-catholic church?

Hi people I just want to know if I’m Catholic can attend to Anglo-catholic church by the Church of England?? , and if this mass counts as Sunday catholic mass? :shrug:
I also want to know if I can participate in the communion ?

Thank you!!!

You may attend as an observer, not a participant.

It does not count as a Catholic Mass and you will have to attend a Catholic Mass/Liturgy that same Sunday.

You may not receive Communion. That is participating. That is also accepting their teaching about the Eucharist and/or accepting that their priesthood is valid, which the Catholic Church says is not. That is why you may not.

If you want a truly Catholic experience in the Anglican form, hold out for an Anglican Use parish. These are currently rare, but there will be more as the Ordinariates are established. Anglican Use parishes are members of the Roman Catholic Church, who have converted from Anglicanism and use a slightly modified form of the Anglican Book of Common Worship, approved by the Holy See. Anglican Use parishes are in communion with the Cathoilc Church, in contrast to Anglo-Catholic communities.

Currently, there are a scattered few Anglican Use parishes in the USA. Several are in Texas. One personal ordinariate has been established in England and Wales; some parishioners and priests have come over. The priests and bishops must be ordained in the Catholic Church due to their invalid orders. Some married men are being ordained to the priesthood.

The relevant Church document is.Anglicanorum Coetibus

No and no.

Go on the web and locate a Catholic Church to attend Mass.

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