Can Catholic schools put on plays that take our Lord's name in vain?

Is it proper for the drama department of a Catholic high school to put on a play where our Lord’s name is used in vain repeatedly? Should actors just leave that word out of the play?

Yes, it can be proper for a Catholic school to put on such a play, assuming that the play is otherwise worthy of presentation; and no, the actors need not censor the dialogue in the manner you suggest.

The dialogue that actors perform is not an expression of their personal opinion; it is a dramatic presentation of a particular story and the viewpoint of the characters they are portraying. As an analogy, consider the reading of the Passion each year on Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The congregation is directed to say, in reference to Jesus, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” This does not mean that the individual congregant is expressing a personal desire, only that he is entering into the liturgical re-presentation of the Passion narrative.

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