Can Catholics attend same-sex marriage ceremonies?


Hello! I found a helpful response to this question from Michelle Arnold here in the forums but it is so old all the links are broken. Can someone repost a good response to this question with links to the catechism and other supporting church documents.

Thank you!


Put your question in the Google search bar. There’s a good article by Catholic answers that you are sure to find.


The short answer is, no.

The longer answer is:
So-called same-sex-marriage is an intrinsically immoral farce that attempts to lend validity to acts which violate the dignity of the human person. They are a celebration of deviant sexual behavior, and cannot in good conscious be celebrated by a faithful Catholic.

This isn’t really a popular or pc opinion, but the fact of the matter is that same-sex “marriage” cannot exist.


Christians may not recognize same sex unions as marriages. That much should be obvious, but perhaps not in today’s world.

May a Catholic attend a ceremony celebrating something immoral? There is no official teaching on this. Many Christians would say that the answer is obvious, but there may be offsetting reasons. Do the people involved have children? Would the Christian family/friends be cut off from contact with the innocent children if they did not attend?


Being that we don’t recognize the validity, what’s the harm in attending? To me, the harm would come if a Catholic attended and accepted it as a valid marriage.


Fr. Mike Schmidt’s suggestion is to skip the ceremony so that you are not a witness to the actual event and go to the reception to show your love as a family member or friend. I think that’s a good way to go about it


I’ve heard this kind of suggestion in regards to other invalid weddings (e.g., a Catholic marrying outside the Church or a remarriage after a divorce) and I don’t understand the thinking.

You won’t attend the wedding because you don’t approve. But you’ll go to the reception and celebrate the wedding.

Why would you celebrate something that you think is wrong?

It seems more consistent to either attend both the wedding and the reception because you love the participants or hope to nurture your relationship with them so that eventually you can lead them back toward Catholic teaching. Or else skip both the wedding and the reception because you want to show your disapproval.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing in this solution.


And that’s the best answer anyone could have given here.


Why would you even want to?


Sometimes people want to attend because it is a close relative or family member.

OP, while you are waiting for answers, use the search feature. There are numerous threads on this very topic.

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I’m with you. If you are going to boycott, boycott the entire event.


You know the church does not allow same sex marriages. Homosexuality is not a sin. Homosexual acts are. If we stay politically correct, we’re condemning those we love to hell.
We sit at restaurants and bars and watch ppl be gluttonous & Drunk. Have you talked w your friend? Does he understand his life’s journey?
Heterosexuals & Homosexuals are to be chaste till death! No sex! If we marry, we must try and procreate. Our temptations are infidelity. There’s more we share w everybody. But we all struggle w temptations. The sin is when, we give in.
God loves us all. He doesn’t love our sin. His love redeems us. Our sin condemns us.
A friend of mines daughter, whom I love was having a Wiccan wedding. HMMM
I was working. Than God. It would have been a struggle, if I were off.
I would have hoped I would have shared w my friend, a long time before the wedding, God’s plan for our lives. We look at success in the world. We need to be reminded, our success in death is more important. Ask God. Listen to Him in your heart.
God, send Your messages to us, about these details. You say, You have… in the Bible. Forgive us for needing confirmation. We don’t want to hurt ppl. My words, I pray are Yours. Let Your love flow through us.
In Jesus name


I will not attend such marriage. Period.


Are you demonstrating the “respect, compassion, and sensitivity” that the Catechism says must be shown towards people who are attracted to others of the same sex?


No, as it is not a marriage, but but a sodomitical relationship.


I think it is personal choice to attend or not, God will judge them not us.


Yes. I am.

It is not compassionate to support someone’s delusion.

It is not respectful to tell them something that is untrue.

It is not sensitive to attend a ceremony that I believe to be literally a damnable offense.


Telling someone who has different views than your own that they are delusional shows your contempt for them, not compassion, respect and sensitivity. It’s possible to tell someone that you disagree with them without basically telling them that they’re mentally ill.


The question isn’t can we judge these individuals, it’s more so a question of judging this activity and whether or not we are permitted to participate in it.

The short answer is we may not since it is a direct violation of God.


Don’t go and make up an excuse.

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