Can Catholics be Democrats?


Please document “formal cooperation in an abortion”. Notice, that is precise language dealing with cooperating with AN abortion.


What do you call voting directly for it? There is no ‘lesser of two evils’ excuse when the issue these people vote on is only one and it is directly designed to advance abortion.


Ahhhh, I did not make the claim. Burden of proof falls on the person making the claim.


Like I said, there is no ‘lesser of two evils’ excuse when the issue one is voting on is abortion on it’s own, and they vote against life.


So, you do not have a definition of “formal material cooperation with AN abortion”, correct?

I have never used the term “lesser of two evils”, perhaps you are replying to someone else?


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I am an Aussie. We must vote, its compulsory. And we are a very secular country. Its getting more secular. We are about to bring in Euthanasia andd SSM. I believe both will get through.

Our fed govt just lost 5 members due to an archaic rule. So the govt has lost its one seat majority. A by election is in the works for this week In the deputy PM’s seat.

We aussies look wirh interest on the Trump USA.

There are some good non political threads on CAF. Or you can read thepolitical ones and roll your eyes / laugh/ nod with the rest of us .


I agree except for this, Ridgerunner I think summed up the party well. I certainly would not have described them like that in the days of JFK, I would have been very tempted to vote for someone like JFK and RFK myself from speeches I have read/heard from them.

The Democrat party, much like the Australian Labor party today, used to be Catholic, but they are certainly not Catholic parties today. :frowning:

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I am NOT having a shot! I am in RCIA and I am seeing a lot of arguments about this. I just want to hear from some people who think that you can. Is that ok?


Sorry, that was directed at ‘on_the_hill’ comment, not yours.

The reason I asked that of ‘on_the_hill’ is because I suspect he wants to create the misconception that Catholics are dictating to people who exactly to vote for. Which is not true.

Yes, perfectly fine and I am glad you asked.

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Thanks Little Lady!


Paul, what if the person also does not like the Republican party? Does not voting for one mean you have to like the other? Or support I should say?


The whole “Democrats can’t receive communion” is not something one will ever find in the Catholic Church.


As Ridgerunner points out, there is if you try to join the democrat party and you follow the Churches teachings on the sanctity of life for example.

Yes, but we cannot call ourselves Catholic and vote ‘for’ whatever we like.

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It has nothing to do with being a ‘democrat’ it has everything to do with what they support and vote for, and like I said, one cannot deceive anymore with the argument ‘lesser of two evils’ since those like Tim Kaine and Nancy Pelosi directly vote and support abortion on it’s own.

Just like this vote on the redefinition of marriage here in Australia, there is no ‘lesser of two evils’ since there is only one issue and only one evil.

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What kind of abortion voting is there?


There is no “Catholic” candidate.

Some candidates may be pro-choice but extremely active on social justice issues. Others may be pro-life but extremely against immigration or helping those in need.

As a voter you need to weigh up where you feel your vote could do the best.

It is not helpful to suggest that one candidate is the answer to American Catholics prayers, in this instance Trump is often cited. His immigration / border closure of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East results in direct deaths of Catholics and other Christans. Please feel free to read more about their horrible plight on the Aid to the Church in Need website.


That’s nonsense.


Catholics can do and be anything they want.

I would have a hard time buying any argument that says voting for Clinton wasn’t a mortal sin, but that’s me.

So I would say a good Catholic wouldn’t vote Democrat.


It is not.

The Guardian.


@josh987654321 You are extremely focussed on one side of the story. I would suggest reading in breadth and actually understanding what this means.

Aid in the Church in Need is a great resource, and coupled with Trump’s actions (not his words) you will see that if you value life, and Christians, that his immigration policy is plain terrifying.


I agree, except they can’t be Catholic and pro-choice or pro ‘death with dignity’ (euthanasia), since that’s a contradiction in regards to the Churches teachings on the sanctity of life, neither be all for the sinister lie of ‘marriage equality’ since that contradicts the Churches teachings on marriage and the family.

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