Can Catholics be Democrats?


That is your prerogative.
I don’t share it.

One of the strengths of the faith Jesus taught was in its meekness. The faith he taught valued free will over compulsion – because that’s how love works. Compelling people to follow any religion, more or less your personal religion, stands over and against the way Jesus practiced his faith. If you are using the government to compel people to practice your spiritual beliefs, you might be the reason baby Jesus is crying. This does get tricky. There is a difference in letting your beliefs inform your political choices and letting your politics enforce your religion. This article is about the first part.

I follow the Bible as a whole. Not just the parts I like. I tend to follow the Pope. He did speak out against The Wall proposed by Trump. I took it as a warning shot across the bow. I also follow how Jesus will sort us on that day. Jesus gave us examples. Since I don’t abort babies or have not had baby aborted by a spouse or girl friend or assisted in an abortion then I am good.


Just ask the majority of Catholics.

catholics voted for Clinton


If anyone thinks the Republican party wants to end all abortion, I have a bridge to sell you.

They keep tossing pro-lifers bones. Those bones contain giant loopholes that do nothing to stop abortion.




Sounds like Argumentum ad populum


So if you don’t own slaves, it’s fine for slavery to be legal?



I’ve had white friends who were shot at for being in the wrong neighborhood. Also were told about e-mails from a major union denying promotion based on race in a Church I once went to.


Thanks! Glad to see we Democrats are still not letting the inmates run the asylum.:smiley:


what is the immigration policy at the vatican

i guess that should be another thread


abortion isn’t the only problem with the democrat party.

how do you reconcile your catholic faith with these democratic platform items:

pre-marital sex
condoms and birth control
morning after pill on demand
gay marriage
government funded abortion
people have the right to marry the person they love.
lgbt rights trump religious freedom
transgender bathrooms and showers
contraception mandate against faith-based groups like little sisters of the poor
no role of religion in government
appoint pro-abortion judges
no or limited school choice


I know that one is completely outrageous! How dare anybody do that! :heart_eyes:


And that’s a bad one, too! The guy who thought up “separation of church and state” must have been a long lost relative of Bernie Sanders!


How cheaply your vote was bought; with a dangling carrot you’ll never taste.

The majority of Americans are pro-choice and that majority is getting larger.

Vote long lines where your vote actually matters.


Preach it, Lady.


I’ve been there. They let in 1000’s per day. :grinning:


islamic child marriages?
as applied to man on man?
mother marrying daughtger

yeah real innocent


why is saying a prayer before a government meeting wrong?
why is prayer at school wrong
why is having a statute of the 10 commandments outside a courthouse wrong?


how many do they let live there and take care of?
how many refugees has it taken in?


I wouldn’t think very many. Most aren’t coming for that purpose.

I dunno the full count. Here’s an article;

Vatican Takes In More Syrian Refugees, Following Pope Francis’ Lead


It’s not so much that it’s “wrong”.

It might take awhile if you let all the different faiths have their turn to pray. If evangelicals can pray, then I think Catholics ought to have a turn to say a proper prayer, then maybe let the Muslims have a quick call, then maybe a few Jews.

If one faith of the community is supported at the seat of secular governance, then all faiths of that community should too.

Naturally, this isn’t feasible. So have a private prayer with fellow believers beforehand and when the gavel drops and minutes start being taken, get to the business of secular governance. Or abolish secular governance.

Same reason. By all means, let 'em have it before or after. And whatever facilities are made available to one interested faith group, similar facilities or the same facilities should be shared by all interested faith groups.

All men created equal.

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