Can Catholics in good conscience support the Silence Stops Now rally?


I hope it doesn’t violate Canon 1373.


Yes, they can.


If the prolifers held a rally, do you think they would get the same media coverage this will get?


Well, a big reason why I’m concerned is because Michael Voris has been involved in organizing the rally. Voris is notorious for his “terribly imprudent” attacks on bishops.


I think you choose the word imprudent very well @Maxirad. When he speaks on faith and theology he seem well grounded, sincere, and express the truth. I heard an interview he had with Matt Fradd on Pints with Aquinas which was a little deeper than most snippets.


Usually, I don’t try to use canon law in some situation because it is difficult to know what it means, without legal training in it. When you look at what canon lawyers say, it becomes apparent that canons in canon law often should be understood on the basis of legal principles and other legal decisions that are made that we don’t know about without education in them
However, I recall coming across the passage in the Book of Acts where Saint Paul rebuked Saint Peter at a Church council because he was giving excessive deference to Jewish law. He wasn’t punished for this.
I see much criticism of Pope Francis in Catholic media too. I won’t try to pass judgement on this, and in fact stay away from any judgement on him, but I doubt of these Catholic newspapers, networks and individuals should be put on the interdict or be given similar penalties.


Um, will anybody associated with EWTN be allowed at the Silence Stops Now rally?


I don’t see why they couldn’t support it.


What has seemed “terribly imprudent” at one time seems somewhat called for now. Voris arrived there quicker than most and seems like much of it was spot on. Consider that he waded around in this muck for a much longer time than we have. The rest of us are just beginning to see it for what it is. The silence does need to stop now and the laity need to demand it.


Yeah. I had very little time for Michael Voris. I still don’t like his style but he definitely does speak the truth. And he comes from a place of experience with grave sin.


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