Can Church dogmas ever change?

It appears absolute truths can change over time.

For example, in the early 80’s, I did not exist. That was an absolute truth. (Please don’t get into any existential “how do you know you exist?” philosophical debates over this, thats not the point of my post)

In the late 80s, I was born, and now the absolute truth has changed to where I do exist.

It is said that Word of God is absolutely true and can never change. How can we trust that, if it is shown that an absolute truth can change over time, and change quite drastically.

“Ben Sinner doesn’t exist” was an absolute truth in the early 80s and previous. That absolute truth became false later when I was born.

Could church dogma declared absolutely true ever become “false” over time?

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Well, before you were born it was absolute truth you didn’t exist. But now you do exist. You have been “revealed” to the world. It is an absolute truth you have existed. Even when you’re dead. Even when you no longer exist (in physical ways) it is false to say you never existed. Church dogma has been revealed by God. It is absolute truth. It cannot change. Even if groups such as the Protestants try to say it is false. It has been revealed to us by God. Humans over time have tried to change it. But you simply can’t. Just as you can’t change the fact that you exist and have existed.

No, dogma will never change and will forever remain true.

The fact that you did not exist in 1980 does not contradict or change the fact that you do exist in 2016. The fact that you did not exist in 1980 has not changed. The fact that you would exist in 2016 also has not changed since 1980, even though it was not knowable until it happened.

We possess our existence sequentially. I do not see how any fact has changed. There are two distinct facts at two distinct points in time. They are non contradictory and both true.

A creature’s existence Is something that is either true or false at any given time, but it is not an unchanging truth.

Part of the definition of the Church’s dogmas is that they are irreformable. The Church has no power to change them.

Of course, as with your example, there are things that are now dogmatic truths that took place at a certain point in history. There was a time when Jesus had not yet been conceived, after all – but the Incarnation has always been part of God’s eternal creative act.


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I think this is where you went wrong. It wasn’t absolutely true, it was relatively true: relative to the day you were created.

“This piece of creation exists” is a relative truth based on whether that piece of creation has been created or not.

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For another thread–I wish people really understood this about the Catholic Church…


Rinse; repeat.


Yup, that was the error in his reasoning. His existence was relative to the day he was born. Before that day he didn’t exist, after that day he did. The only Absolute truth is he either did or did not exist relative to that day. So this absolute will never change, neither today, tomorrow, His last days on Earth, or 2000 years from now.

The truths of Gods Word is altogether different because it cannot be changed by man, time, relativism or circumstance. His existence is also unbounded by space, time, heaven or Earth. Even before the entire revelation was complete, God was there in his great glory. If we do his will and live by his truths, we can be at his side to experience his great glory. To me that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: Thanks be to God

…In the late 80s, I was born, and now the absolute truth has changed to where I do exist.

Dogmas refer to truths about God, Who is eternal. Morality, for example, is grounded principally in the nature of God.

Your existence, on the other hand, is contingent. The truth in so far as it relates to you is still absolute, but not every truth about you is eternal.

For example:
Today, Ben Sinner exists (absolute truth).
But Ben Sinner has not always existed, nor will he always exist (absolute truth).
There is no contradiction.

Dogma is an infallible doctrine. It can never be wrong and it can never be changed.

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