Can deleted Facebook chat be recovered?

Adult child;) may be planning on meeting someone from the internet… left Facebook page open with a limited view of chat. VERY CONCERNED NOW.

A Google search found a couple of programs to download, but some say it can’t be done. Very leary of just downloading something, as it could just wipe out my computer, but hey that might be a good thing.:smiley:

Thought I would check here first…


2.Why are you attempting to snoop on your “adult” child? That’s frankly intrusive and immature. I would instead say, “I’m worried about you because of the facebook chat I saw that you left open the other day.”

If I knew my parent was spying on my Facebook chat, I’d sleepover at someone’s place for a week or so, out of pure spite.

The kid is about to meet a MINOR across state lines, with MY CAR and I don’t have a right to confirm and try to deter? If I confront him about what HE LEFT OPEN FOR ALL TO VIEW he will act more immature than his snooping, invading, immature parent and LIE, LIE, LIE. There is more to it than all this. All I wanted was an answer not JUDGEMENT,


You need to provide more info if you actually want advice, in my opinion. The little info you gave in your OP doesn’t paint a clear picture. Given what you did provide, I too would say you need to stop spying on your adult child.

Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Calming…calming…settling…breathe…

How about everyone stops being immature, and instead start DISCUSSING. TALK to each other, respectingly, with NO YELLING! :wink:

That whole honey, vinegar, and flies thing…

If this is on your computer & under your roof you have a right to be concerned.
Not sure why folks jump all over each other sometimes on these forums.Guess being anonymous has something to do with it?
I’ve taken to leaving my laptop at work rather than have my teenager mess about with it.:frowning:
Wish I had more tech-smarts to help you with. God bless!

If he takes your car without permission call the police, report the car stolen, and call her parents or the police in her city.

You’ve been posting about your issues with your son for a year. What have you actually done? Have you set rules? Have you sat him down and told him how it is? Taken away the computer? Taken away the game box he’s playing games on for 40 hours per week? Taken away the phone? Have you told him to shape up or ship out?

If the answer to these questions is “no” then can you understand why people are getting frustrated?

Your kid needs a big heaping dose of reality and you don’t seem to be willing or able to give it to him.

I apologize if you were offended by my comment; however, I was trying to make the point that you should be able to approach your son about this situation. If he is doing something you believe is illegal/harmful, you have a moral obligation (IMHO) to do what you can to prevent that “something” from happening.

Viewing more of this chat will not prevent something bad from happening. It will only satisfy an urge for additional information.

  1. You have a right to put conditions on the use of your property, home, car, and computer included.You do not have the right to look at someone else’s past conversations without their knowledge or consent.

  2. As far as I know, no such program exists.

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