Can deliberately sterile people marry?

Can a person who has been deliberately sterilized in the past marry in a Catholic church? If the woman had her tubes tied five years ago because she never wanted children, can she still marry? Does the Church expect her to get the procedure reversed first?

Infertility is not an impediment to marriage. But a permanent unwillingness to be open to the possibility of new life can invalidate a marriage. So, while it is possible for a sterilized person to marry, and the Church does not require that the sterilization be reversed, the sterilized person should be sincerely repentant for having chosen to be sterilized, and should go to confession for the sterilization if he or she has not already done so. Whether or not he or she can get the procedure reversed is a separate issue, but that person should at least desire to reverse the procedure if he or she could do so. Without that repentance for the sterilization, it is very possible that any attempted marriage would be presumptively invalid.

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