Can demonic influences affect laziness?


The proper title should say, “Can demonic influences affect laziness and appetite”

Something TERRIBLY weird and terrifying happened over my lunch break. I went home to my wife, whom I have been complaining has not been doing her fair share. Anyway, I walk in, she is sitting on the couch with a family sized box of Oreo cookies. I was furious, she confirmed my suspicions and exaserbated my anger.

I in a huffy tone said, “Honey, hand em over”

And then in a Deep Manly voice, not in her own, came out the words, “GET YOUR OWN D*** COOKIES”

I was so scared I drove back to work and skipped my lunch hour. It was completely terrifying. I am wondering if my imagination is getting the best of me, I am putting off going home!


I am not one who doubts the possibility of demonic posession, however I don’t think it’s very common. And, it’s not likely the source of your wife’s issues. Of course, I was not there.

When you get home discuss her binge eating with her. She’s definitely got some psychological issues, and now I suspect depression even more. She’s using food as an emotional crutch, a comfort. Something is terribly wrong with her, although no one here in CAF world are qualified to tell you what that is.

Your confronting her with demands to “hand them over” and getting angry with her is not going to move her in the right direction. In fact, it will likely push her into furhter secretive binge eating.

Bring a blessed St. Benedict medal (or a dozen) and Holy Water into your home if you believe supernatural things are going on.

Wow, MM, I don’t really know what to tell you. Go talk to a priest-- taking your sack of St. B medals to him to bless.


Keep in mind anger is not going to help the situation. An addict, or a depressed person, is not going to respond to that. You are treating it as a willful act-- that she wants to be lazy and wants to gain weight. Even the way you are using derogatory & pejorative words like “lazy” tells me you don’t really understand what depression is.

You need to get some counseling for yourself. Find a Catholic counselor.


Do you normally go home for lunch?


I was going to ask if you were perhaps employed as a writer of fiction, but then I just had a flashback to when my BIL tried to take a couple of my sister’s french fries one day. I do remember that voice. Scary.


Oh I am glad that someone understands. ANd no, I do not go home for lunch all the time!

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