Can Demons influence our dreams?

Do demons have influence over our consciousness? Like project thoughts into our heads or influence our dreams? If so why does God allow that?

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Not directly, no, meaning, while you are asleep, no they can not project anything into your mind and/or influence your dreams.

What they can and will do is, increase temptations to sin while you are conscious. So you may, as a result of your own fleshly nature, dream of things related to that which tempts you. However, that is not a demon influencing your dreams in the manner which you ask about.

Short answer to your post title = NO they can not. Nor can they know your thoughts. Your guardian angel can know your thoughts IF you will it at a particular moment.

“…influence over our consciousness?” --> No.

OP asks, “If so why does God allow that?” --> Answer, He does not, would not. Evil spirits aka demons can only influence you as much as you allow them to do so, and certainly not while you’re asleep.

Demons are indeed capable of influencing your dreams. This is why you shouldn’t pay attention to “signs” given in dreams, or mess around with things like lucid dreaming.

This does not mean that you should worry about going to sleep, though. God protects us from the vast majority of demonic activity, and the little that is allowed is only allowed if it can be to our benefit.
So long as you don’t mess around with either demons or dreams, demonic influence on your dreams is at a minimum. You can further decrease it by practicing some basic spiritual warfare, and by asking your guardian angel to guard you in your sleep.

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As for thoughts, demons do not have access to your mind. And neither do I, but I can still reliably project ideas and thoughts into your head. Don’t think about a pink elephant. Demons are very cunning, so even though they can’t read or control your mind they can still affect it in a number of ways.
Nonetheless, the vast, vast majority of their attempts are thwarted by God, and you can rest assured that, provided you haven’t deliberately opened the door, demonic activity in your life is at a minimum.

As we go about our daily lives, it’s not likely that we will be interacting directly with demons. God and dwellers of the spiritual realm are always there to help and protect us. On the other hand, there are times when we experience frightening dreams and wonder why we must be put through such harrowing experiences. Let me give a quick example: I had a dream that dangerous people with weapons were surrounding me and ready to attack. Then, I found myself being thrown through the air in a dark room. I remembered a technique that somebody had mentioned to me. If you find yourself out of control in a dream, all you have to do is clap your hands together forcefully and shout, “Stop! You have no power over me.” Immediately after doing this, I floated back down to the ground and jolted awake. So, as you can see, the dream was not only a warning that I had been surrounded by negative forces (in my life at that time), but also the purpose was to test my “dream skills” and to see if I could handle stress. It appears that I did well, and I was happy to receive useful information. Demons have to follow rules, so if you don’t want them around, simply state so and ask for protection. Ask and it will be granted. Unfortunately, people run into trouble when they forget to ask for help, even with the most basic things!

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Dreams are nite visions as saint Paul says in 2cor 10:5. Casting out thoughts that are not from god
Bible tells us to take every thought captive. ( 2 Corinthians 10 : 5 ) That means that I have a chance to do something about all thoughts that are not well-pleasing to God, before they enter my heart and become a part of me! “As a man thinks, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.

Okies, but I still do not believe that demons can influence our dreams, as in enter our thoughts while we are sleeping and dreaming. It’s indirect. If they influence us while we are awake, and we allow it, then ok, perhaps we dream of something they influenced as a result. But to be able to enter our minds without our concent, especially while we are unconscious, I do not believe is possible.

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