Can demons posses Dead bodies


Can demons possess Dead bodies if they can probably possess other objects what would it be called.
The person body would be just a shell and that soul has been already judged.
But a possessed caurcus would that be a demonaic?
I know vampires don’t excist but are these kind of like zombies or some sort of vampire but not in the way we see it in the media.
But I think zombies are not possessed right? But some kind of infected work? Thank you


zombies don’t ‘exist’ they can’t exist if you think about it logically

the dead in formerly entombed, embalmed bodies re-animating?

what of their former ailments, broken limbs, cancer, malfunctioning organs which caused them to die in the first place?

have these maladies somehow been cured to make them “slow-walking” predators?

and what happened to their ability to speak; that is gone?

all hollywood nonsense


I know zombies and vampires don’t excist but demons do Our lady showed three children hell Our Lady always encourages us to pray the rosary and the Conversion of sinners and the poor souls in purgatory. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us amen.


you’ve answered your own question

demons & hell exist, for sure

pray the rosary as often as you can

Our Lady at Fatima gave us direct instructions to do so…


Yes but they don’t possess dead bodies and walk around in them!


I think it’s theoretically possible and I have heard in some speculations and private revelations that the Antichrist will have dead corpses demon possessed as a false resurrection.


Possessing dead bodies defeats their original mission which is to deviate living humans away from reaching the Father. The dead is already dead. Therefore, they don’t possess the dead as it is pointless.


all “corpses” are dead by definition

dead as a door nail

corpses could come back to life, how?

w/ their cancer cured, traumatic injuries healed; etc, etcc… think logically shipmate

once the human engine breaks down; THAT IS THE END OF THE STORY


Your missing the point it’s a false resurrection…

Think of marionettes…

Of course corpses are dead but if a demon can move objects why not a dead body?


what would be the point of satan maneurving a dead person?

the ex-seraph uses far more subtle methods

frightening & scaring people by animating dead people seems to be a pretty weak tactic

satan is an ex-Seraph

trust me he’s got better tactics


It would probably be a fresh body and it would long enough and in such a way to get people to buy into the Antichrist religion.

Whether or not the evil on has plans to use this method I do not know but from a hypothetical standpoint it’s completely possible.


why do we assume that “zombies” wish to devour human flesh?

perhaps “they” still desire hamburgers? if one or two “zwombies” show up : i 'll grill some for “them”
charitably perhaps one of the zwombies can bring a a six pack


satan is very powweful

we all agree on that

i wouldn’t wory about satan’s “power” to frighten ; that is hollywoodd BS

we should be most concerned & wareful of satan’s ambush ability


A demon possessing a dead body would be like me getting into a car that’s had its engine removed, and still expecting to be able to drive it to town. The car isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the dead body, whether there is a demon in it or not.




Great idea for a Christian themed zombie film though.


My question would be, why would they want to?. :slight_smile:


Only God has the power to raise the dead!


No, demons need a living person to do there evil so they can make the living person responsible for the crime and to use there(demons actions) mistakes(human person) to draw people away from God.


I too believe that this could be theoretically possible. However, it would be beyond the ability of most demons and most certainly only be for a very limited time.


You watch too many movies.

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