Can demons possess animals?


Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this thread, I’m new here. Feel free to move it to wherever it’d be best. Anyway, I was wondering if demons could possess animals and pets. I personally doubt it, because animals are incapable of sin (as far as I know) and I think God would protect them from such influences.

If animals are capable of being possessed by demons, could the owner of the pet tell through trying to observe normal signs of human possession, or would there be different signs? Also, would the pet have to go through a normal exorcism like a human, or would there be some special type of exorcism that it’d have to go through? Additionally, if animals couldn’t be possessed, would there be another way a demon could influence them?


They can yes “infest” them. Not a normal thing of course -but it can happen.


Jesus did cast demons into swine, right?


OF course! Biblical that is about as clear as can be!


He permitted them to go to them…


You might be thinking of casting pearls before swine.


Well, there was this one cat my daughter had …


No he is thinking of the encounter of Jesus with a possessed man and the demons begged Jesus to let them go into the nearby pigs.


That is what I’m thinking of. :thumbsup:


I mean the casting part not the swine part. As I recall the demons asked to go into the swineherd, so it was not that he cast them tither as if infesting animals were his idea.
You and your pets do not need to fear him. You are safe.


He was “casting them out” - they made the request.

It is yes the case though that animals can be infested (as noted by a work of an exorcist Priest).

They can yes “infest” them. Not a normal thing of course -but it can happen.


ah… I see, he cast them out hence, and sent them into the herd of swine. But not cast them into the swine.:stuck_out_tongue:


He allowed them to.


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