Can dreams be a sin?


Are dreams part of our free will? Can a dream cause a sin, mortal sin? For example dreams that are of a sexual nature or violence?
Is it something out of our control because we are asleep?

  1. no.
  2. no. (and no to the example)
  3. yes


Nope, your dreams are almost always out of your control, therefore cannot be a sin.


If this were Dear Abby I’d accuse you of being a Yale student trying to prank me.


Dreams can’t bring sin, even if you do sinful things in them. Firstly, because dreams aren’t reality, and secondly, you aren’t in control of your mental faculties because you’re unconscious.




If they were, Father would be hearing some interesting confessions.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Since my last confession I have missed Sunday Mass, been hateful to my mother, and I murdered a man with a lightsaber after he refused to give me the Box of Fandirago. But I’m not fully certain if it was sinful because with the Box, the Yaggerians (an insectoid race from the Andromeda Galaxy) were going to give the citizens of Xorbkat 9 each a pink puppy which was a lot more evil than it sounds.


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