Can Dreams Mean Something?

I am not one to read into the meaning of something, but I had a dream last night that was truly bizarre.

It was very simple too. First off, as I posted before (a while ago), I have color grapheme synesthesia. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a condition where you associate/project colors to letters or numbers. In my case, it’s numbers. For years I have always had a “thing” with numbers. I can memorize long sequences with very little trouble; they draw my attention, if that makes sense.

At any rate, last night I had a dream where I was simply looking at a calendar. Each box was shaded in sequence, then there would be a space that was not shaded, and then the shading would continue. To my memory, the number of shaded spaces were five, four, two, and then three.

I’ve never had a dream like this before!! Again, I do not necessarily believe in dream interpretations, but I thought I’d share this strange one with all of you. Any thoughts? I also thought this would be a refreshing change from my usually depressive posts. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I would like to think that maybe certain dreams do have a reason. Maybe it is a way for God to talk to us? For loved ones to ‘come alive’ in our deep sleep?

I am sure that maybe dreams have more use than empty visions etc.

Hello! I think one should be careful about reading too much into dreams that might not mean anything. However, I do think that God uses dreams as a way to communicate with us. A good example would be St. Joseph being spoke to about taking Mary into his house, and in a dream about fleeing for there safety of Jesus. Have a blessed day! :slight_smile:

They could mean you should give up your diet of cucumbers and cream puffs for the evening meal.:shrug:

Dreams come Direct from you Subconscious mind…
Have you seen the movie… " A Beautiful mind " your story made me think of it…
Plus… dreams are impacted by our lifestyle… Teens dream Teen type dreams of adventure and romance… People that have Depression have Depressing dreams. dreams can be weird .
they can make no sense whatsoever… I get dreams as if I’m in a Cinema watching events unfold… very entertaining… maybe write down your dreams and what your interpretations are.

Hi lovedance are you good at remembering dates/years etc… and numbers?

Yes I am. It’s generally very, very easy for me. :slight_smile:

It is very interesting, and I definitely prefer to hear intriguing posts instead of depressing posts from you. I hope all is well.

While I don’t believe that every dream means something profound. I do believe that God (and Satan) can try and speak to us through our dreams. I believe that some dreams do have meaning. What that meaning is, it’s impossible to tell sometimes.

Joshua C.

I find that the interpreting of dreams can be very therapeutic, but what you interpret the dream to mean is more meaningful than the actual dream.
So in other words, it can be useful to interpret a dream, especially one with some emotional impact, but that doesn’t mean the dream was legit sending or carrying a message. It is a tool to be introspective and reflective.

It’d be the same if I picked out twelve random images and quotes from Google and told you to interpret them. They really don’t mean anything, they are random, but the way you put them together and draw meaning out says something about you.

of course, the dream messages in the Bible might be an exception…

Many dream have come true. :thumbsup:

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