Can Embryonic stem cells cure? -No

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Embryonic stem cells have never been demonstrated to cure anything; they provide temporary alleviation at best. The problem with these cells is precisely what scientists initially thought would make them so useful; they have no, for lack of a better term, assigned function. They don’t know what they’re supposed to make so, in many cases, they replicate out of control and form tumors along the spinal column and brain. Adult stem cells, which have programed functions for specific cell type replication, work.

Agree totally with previous poster, Adult stem cell HAS produced results (Positive ones)

While embrionic uses cells collected mostly from “parts” of aborted babies, they are “sold” and bought like scrap parts.

Utterly inhuman and sick, compounding evil upon evil.

Even so, two scientists found a way to revert adult stem-cells to a practically embronic state, so hopefully this will stave off the murder of children for fruitless reasearch.

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