Can EMHCs do this?

i was attending a Friday mass at my parish and after communion (during adoration), one of the EMHC came out from the back of the altar and gave communion to the choir.

is that ok that she did that? it was after mass during adoration.

So many abuses today who’s to say if that is specifically condemned; however, unless there were a lot of people at that Mass, she shouldn’t have been distributing Holy Communion period.

It is a little unclear what you mean by the timing, in one sentence you say after communion and another you say after Mass. If it was before the final blessing and just during the reflection time after communion had been distributed then everything would be fine. Probably just that they forgot to distribute to the choir.

If it was after the final blessing then the rules that apply to the Minstry of the Sick would apply to the choir since they are receiving outside of Mass (i.e. Person can not receive more then twice a day with the second time having to be DURING a Mass that they participated in.) If the person had received already once that day they would not be allowed to receive again.

Of course this is all assuming they had permission of the priest and/or pastor.

why would this be wrong, you don’t think the choir members should receive communion?

It sounds like it happened after Mass.

I have occasionally given Communion to some one after mass. Usually because they were unable to get to the altar and were overlooked. I use my shortest form for Communion outside mass - Confeteor and the Our Father and then Communion. It needs a prayer setting to put the recipient in a proper frame of mind.

If the issus happened after the Mass then I think what she did was wrong.


I’ve seen many strange things happen during the Ordinary Rite, however the Indult or ExtraOrdinary Rite does not use EMHC’s, funny thread for Traditional Catholicism…

Please read this article.

God bless.

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