Can evil spirits follow people?


Can they make people harm themselves? Can they have someone call you? These things have been happening to my mother. My stepfather has been deceased for 15years but he was a very evil man. Before he died she finally left him for good but he swore that he would come back and haunt her for the rest of her life. Over the years toys and tvs and cofee pots come on and off by themselves. But within the past 2 weeks it has gotten worse to the point of items being flung off the counters, pillows being ripped and the stuffing tossed out all over a room. Even my three year old neice told my mother she was going to put her fingers in the fan. When asked why she would do that, she replied, I don’t know but it was going to hurt. Another strange occurence is that a lady called my mothers house and asked for my decease stepfather, when asked how she got the phone number, the woman replied that she got it from him. My mother cannot stay in her house at night and i pick her up every evening after work and take her home in the morning. She has been remarried for 11years and her husband works the graveyard shift. There have been other occurences also. We are just at our wits end and don’t know what to do.


Probably the best thing would be to speak to your local priest. Right now this sounds more like a demonic presence than an evil spirit.

Pray the Rosary HARD, ask the priest for advice and if necessary elevate it to the bishop for assistance.

In all of this, have faith in God, for He is the master of all.


It’s not very common, but yes, it’s definitely possible.

Alright, but make sure you all realize that it’s almost certainly not your grandfather who’s responsible for these things. It might be demons who were close to him, or who want you to think they’re him, but it’s not him.


Call a good Catholic priest. Get your house blessed ASAP. Pray the rosary. And load up on basic sacramentals such as Holy water, scapulars/miraculous medals, and statues of Jesus and Mary – the priest should be able to bless any/all of them for you. And just pray whenever things like that are happening.

But getting your house blessed should be top priority as of now… demonic activity is not something to mess around with, especially if it’s reached the sort of level you’ve described.


Contact the Bishops’ office for an official exorcist because I think this sort of activity is beyond an ordinary parish priest.

In additon to the Holy Water, get some Blessed Salt. This is very useful in dealing with evil spirits. But I would advise against trying to tackle this one on your own. This has gone beyond mere poltergeist activity or haunting.

Praying for your family.

ps - don’t forget your Guardian Angel prayers, in addition to the Rosary. Also, Confession and Communion will strengthen you.


If it is truly this bad, then you need help. I would advise you to contact your local Catholic priest as soon as possible. You should have your house blessed, or exorcised if need be.

If your mother is Catholic, then advise her to go to confession and frequent the Sacraments. It’s important that she is in a state of grace. If your mother is not a Catholic, then tell her to pray and read her Bible often. Tell her to pray for deliverance, and pray to St. Michael the Archangel specifically.

It is important that your mother forgive your stepfather, even though it may be hard. Love conquers evil. I would advise you to pray for the soul of your stepfather, and if possible, have a Mass said for him. This may help a great deal.

As others have said, place religious items around the house but don’t be suprised if these go missing or are thrown around. Just keep them near. It is important to surround yourself with images that bolster your faith.

The Rosary is a weapon against the devil and evil. Pray it daily, as a family if possible. Praying this as a family will present a united front and promote closeness. Your intention for praying the Rosary should be deliverance.

You should also fast. As Jesus says in the Gospel, certain types of demon can only be expelled by prayers and fasting. Do not overdo this however. Do this once per week, or even once every two weeks. Also, drink water and only go one day at a time. Offer this up for deliverace and for the soul of your stepfather.

The most important thing you must do is have faith. Really believe in the power of the Lord to defeat the evil that is surrounding your family at this time.

Another thing I would advise is NEVER challenge the spirit directly, or talk to it. Do your best to ignore it. Your only response to any activity should be prayer. You are not equipped to do anything else. If you challenge the entity, you will not be prepared for the consequences.

I will pray for you and your family.


Has anything changed in the past two weeks? Can you wrack your brains for anything that may have been brought into the house, people your mother’s come into contact with, anything that might explain the upswing in activity lately?

Remember, Satan is not more powerful than God. God allows trials, temptations, and persecutions for our own good. Help your mother see the vast potential for spiritual growth in this situation, and remind her that we are constantly told to “Be not afraid!”

And contact a good priest about everything.


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