Can faith disappear?

What do you do when you have lost the feeling of complete and unquestionable belief in God and the Church? (Thank you Jesus it does not become apostasy:D)

Why is it easier to believe in our written history, but not the Christian faith at times? History has evidence as does Christianity, yet history is always easier to believe. Why is this?

Please give some pointers. It will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

I am guessing christians pray when they feel disbelief.

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

You just hang in there :wink: It might just be a test that God gives us - read more about Saints - almost all of them went through a phase of Spiritual Darkness - esp St Theresa of Lisioux is famous for that - she is even a patron saint of atheist if i am not mistaken.

But the Church isn’t in any kind of conflict with history…so if you can believe history you can believe Church history and if you look at the actions of the earliest Christians they sure were convinced of God’s existance and the life of Jesus (first hand).

Oddly enough, I have been having a spiritual dry spell for the past week or so. Mostly apathy and a feeling of smallness. One thing that does inspire is picking up some early Church father writings because of how focused these believers were, and so close to the source from a historical perspective.

Hang in there fish90!! Like the other posters have said, many of our greatest saints experienced this and often times it works out that you are closer to God because of it.

Basically, you choose to believe, and it works itself out in the process. You’ll struggle for a little while, but then you will have a faith that won’t leave you. Think about it this way: up until now, God had given you the grace of faith. But Faith is also a virtue, which means that it must be excercised in the face of doubt. So, God withdraws the feeling of faith for a time so that you may grow in the virtue of faith- which has nothing to do with feeling, but which is rather a conviction and an attitude that states that you will believe no matter what. it seems to me that God spoon fed you until now, and you are starting to eat solid food. it just takes some time to adjust.

There’s a graet book by Josh McDowll that has so many historical evidences for our Faith.

It’s called evidence that demands a verdict.

There are many good books on why the bible is just as reliable as history.

There is spiritual darkness whihch can come from God but there is also attacks on our faith, they can come from things we’ve heard or read that can amke us question our faith. The two are not the same thing.

Try to not see faith as a feeling… doubts come and go. Faith is a choice to hang on to what our reason has once accepted despite our changing moods (CS Lewis).

I think there’s actually a lot of evidence for Christianity out there :slight_smile:
I think many people see atheism as something more “rational”, but many of the greatest minds in history have been Christian.

That being said, there are things that we just can’t grasp with our minds and only faith can understand (like the Holy Trinity, or the Eucharist, or the Cross)

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.

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