Can FSSP priests have facial hair?

I read that FSSP seminarians are not allowed to have facial hair, and I understand why, but once a seminarian is ordained, can he have facial hair?

You’ve piqued my interest: why don’t they allow seminarians to have facial hair. (Of course, if you had female seminarians, :smiley: that would lessen the problem!) But seriously, now. I am curious. :confused:

I know one priest at an FSSP parish who has a beard. He’s not FSSP, but he is discerning joining the FSSP. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Why does it matter? :confused:

I have made the acquaintance of two FSSP priests.
The first priest did not have a moustache or a beard.
The second FSSP priest did have a moustache.

I have met an FSSP priest with a massive beard. Unless he sees his superior really rarely, I would guess that means they are allowed to have facial hair. :slight_smile:

What is a Cafeteria Catholic- you either agree with the Church or not, or is there something this Convert does not know- please tell me, as I cannot understand this, or does it mean you have Protestant leanings ?

In the past only the priests who worked in missionary apostolates were allowed to have facial hair (our priest had something pretty nasty going on), but that rule has since been changed.


The internal affairs and regulations of a society of apostolic life are legislative matters, not matters of Catholic tradition or Catholic customs.

Questions about the proper law of any institute are best answered by the members of the institute itself, not the general public.


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