Can gay celibate Catholic couples obtain a civil marriage and still receive the sacraments?

I am in a celibate relationship with another woman. I am very devout, and we are older women. There is no sexual imtimacy or temptation for either of us. I am wondering if we can get a civil marriage because of financial reasons and still receive the sacraments. Also, just curious about if the Church is going to start granting annulments to same sex couples if one of them reverted and wanted to marry someone of the opposite sex.

Dear friend,

To begin with your last question: the Church can’t ever grant annulments to so called same sex marriages because they aren’t real marriages to begin with. There would be no need for an annulment. The state does not have the ability to change natural law. Calling it marriage simply does not make it so. The human body is not designed for it. To attempt same sex marriage for whatever reason is a statement affirming what is not true. So to answer your first question: to do so would constitute a serious public sin.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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