Can gluttony apply to more than just food and beverage (such as internet addiction and shopaholics)?

Seeing temperance is the virtue that is opposite of gluttony, I’ve been wondering if gluttony applies to more than just food.

For example would an addicted tot he internet count as a glutton? How about a shopaholics who spend all their time shopping (even on week days when they are supposed to be at their jobs)?

Would a teen who he literally stayed up until midnight everyday past his bedtime and going to sleep as late as 1 AM in the morning on school days because he is that hooked to reading Harry Potter be exhibiting traits of gluttony?

Yes, I believe gluttony can apply to things outside food. The first two examples you provided would be sins, but I don’t know if the first one would be gluttony. Gluttony is defined as over-indulging oneself. The second one would be gluttony.

I don’t think the third one would be gluttony. I would be a sin because he is hindering his duty to sleep and obey his parents.

I would personally classify internet addiction and reading at 1 am as sloth.

Either way, sloth and gluttony are still part of the 7 deadly sins.

For information on the seven deadly sins, please see this post by a forum master:

Here is further information:

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Just focus on avoiding these sins.

Here is information on mortal & venial sins:

…1 am? heck, I stay up till 6 am and sleep till 2. It all depends on your schedule. I know a homeschooler. who just FUNCTIONS better at night. She wakes up at 4 pm, does her chores, does her schoolwork, and stays up till about dawn :shrug: Instead of discussin times like that, staying up till whenever, I would say, neglecting health and impairment

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