Can God change a person's fate or intervene in their lives (or "set them on the right path") because of the prayers of other people?

Can God change a person’s fate or intervene in their lives (or “set them on the right path”) because of the prayers of other people? My example is that my religious (Classical Pentecostal) mother does not approve of my decision decision to enlist in the military and vows to keep praying until the Lord “stops” me (car accident, cancer, battle wound, etc.) and I come to him. I would like to know if there is anything in the Bible to support this or perhaps something that is not necessarily directly related to Christianity, like the Law of Attraction (the New Thought concept), etc.


God can and at times does intervene in peoples’ lives. He may even intervene in a person’s life after others have prayed for that person. But in such a case, God has determined such intervention from all eternity, knowing that such persons would pray for it. God does not change His mind; no one controls God. But the person who prays for such intervention may be the one who is changed the most.

Don’t worry; what you want to do is a noble thing. God is pleased by such concern for others. Thank you in advance for your service.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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